Amazon Prime Video Free Trial and Price

Learn more about how to watch your favorite shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video for less.
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Amazon Prime Video Free Trial and Price

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Amazon's streaming service,

, is a perk built right into your Amazon Prime subscription. For no extra cost each month, subscribers have access to the streaming service's vast library of titles, plus plenty of channel add-ons for even more content. Amazon Prime Video is the home of award-winning content, from TV shows to movies, documentaries to reality competitions. You can even find live sports on Amazon Prime Video, not to mention plenty of family-friendly titles for everyone to enjoy.

While Amazon doesn't usually have discounts on an

subscription -- mostly because it's part of your Prime price if you don't subscribe separately -- you can sometimes find discounted deals on add-ons. The deals may be few and far between but they do exist. Here's what you might find on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video pricing

While Amazon Prime Video technically has four different purchasing options, they're all relatively the same. Whether you have an Amazon Prime subscription, a video-only subscription, a student plan, or an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) plan, you'll have access to the same titles and content. The difference is the Amazon Prime Video price.

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription for $13/mo. (or $119/yr.), you get everything Prime has to offer, which includes Amazon Prime Video. Prime comes with a 30-day free trial, which includes Amazon Prime Video as well. If you don't want the full Amazon Prime package, you can subscribe to just Amazon Prime Video for $9/mo. It's still all the same content and no ads in your viewing (except for very select content, usually viewed through a third party within Prime Video). 

Students can use Amazon Prime Student for a full Prime membership. You need a school email to sign up and you get six months free. Your account is then good at the student price of $6/mo. until you finish school. The last option is for those who have EBT. You can get a discounted membership to Amazon Prime as long as you qualify, and you'll also have Amazon Prime Video. The membership is half the price -- just $6/mo. 

Amazon Prime Video Highlights

Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime Video OnlyAmazon Prime StudentAmazon Prime EBT
Monthly price $13/mo.$9/mo.$6/mo.$6/mo.
Free trial length 30 days30 daysSix months30 days
No ads YesYesYesYes
Number of user profiles SixSixSixSix
Live channels available? VariesVariesVariesVaries

Amazon Prime Video free trial

Amazon Prime Video has one of the best free trials because it's built into the Amazon Prime free trial. The Amazon Prime Video trial is actually part of Amazon Prime's trial! Amazon Prime offers a 30-day free trial, which you can use to try out Prime Video. This free trial is longer than pretty much all of the competitors, who largely offer seven-day trials or no trial at all. 

Even better -- if you're a student and signing up for Amazon Prime Student, your free trial is six months. Yes, you have an entire half of a year free to use Amazon Prime and watch Amazon Prime Video.

During your free month of Prime, you should definitely check out the exclusive content that you won't find elsewhere, like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Wheel of Time, Modern Love, and more. These are all Amazon original series that you can't watch on other streamers. And while Amazon Prime Video has a ton of other titles, many of them can be found on other streaming services, so we recommend heading right for the exclusives. 

And if you're looking for Amazon Prime Video free movies, there are so many to choose from. You'll find originals like The Voyeurs and Chemical Hearts, as well as past hits like Rushmore or The Prestige. Amazon plays host to plenty of award-winning shows, movies, and documentaries, and you can easily find something to suit any mood. Plus, Amazon offers more than just free titles -- you can also rent or buy movies and shows right in the Amazon Prime Video app. 

For shows currently airing on TV, you can buy a season pass to get each episode for viewing right after it airs. For rentals, you generally have 48 hours to watch the film once you've hit play, but 30 days of access until you hit play. Rental prices are largely very affordable as well. Sometimes you'll find titles for just $1 to rent.

Other Amazon Prime Video deals and discounts

$37 off a one-year subscription to Amazon Prime

If you sign up for a year of Amazon Prime upfront (which gives you access to Amazon Prime Video), you can save on the overall price. Though this is still a little more expensive than if you just subscribe to Prime Video, you get a lot more for the price, including exclusive deals, free one-day shipping on a wide array of items, discounts at Whole Foods Market, and


Amazon Prime Video deals compared

Amazon Prime really doesn't offer much in the way of deals. Though you can get a student discount and an EBT discount, you won't really find much else. Sometimes Amazon offers a free month of Prime here and there if you're already a member and had a customer service concern in the past, but otherwise, you won't find much. 

What you may find are deals on Prime Video add-ons. Amazon has been known to offer Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals or Christmas deals on channel add-ons, sometimes offering them for as low as $1/mo. 

Amazon's key competition -- namely Netflix and Hulu -- also doesn't offer too many deals, other than an annual subscription discount in some cases or a signup discount. You may find similar deals through streamers, though. Similarly to how Amazon sometimes offers a discount on a channel add-on, Hulu sometimes does the same or gives you a free trial that you can't get otherwise. 

You can get a seven-day free trial for HBO Max through your Hulu subscription, but you can't get that free trial directly through HBO Max. Bundle prices can also sometimes save you money, but as far as standalone services go, Amazon is pretty on par with the competition.

Is Amazon Prime Video worth it?

For Amazon fans,

is a no-brainer. Prime subscribers already have access to the streaming service, so you may as well enjoy it. If you haven't yet signed up for Amazon Prime or , consider an annual subscription to full . It's only $11/yr. more to choose this option, and you get everything Prime offers. 

Movie and TV fans will love the wealth of content on

, plus you can check it all out for 30 days free before you commit. It's also a solid deal for students and those on EBT, as it's a seriously discounted rate. here to see it all.