Netflix's 'Anatomy of a Scandal' Trailer Spotlights Sexual Assault Allegations Against a British Politician

Rupert Friend, Sienna Miller, and Michelle Dockery star in the six-episode limited series based on Sarah Vaughan's 2018 novel.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Rupert Friend and Sienna Miller in 'Anatomy of a Scandal'


Sexual assault allegations rock a British political official in Anatomy of a Scandal, which premieres April 15 on Netflix. But as you can see from the trailer for the six-episode limited series, questions of guilt or innocence, consent, patterns, and justice are anything but black and white.

Anatomy of a Scandal is being described by its streamer as a combination of psychological thriller and courtroom drama. In it, James and Sophie Whitehouse (Rupert Friend and Sienna Miller, respectively) live in the rare world of high class and high status, thanks to his career as a Minister in Parliament. As you can see in the trailer (below), he tells his wife he had an affair, but she suspects there is more to the story than that.

"Nothing's just sex. There's more. You're not telling me just to tell me, to unburden yourself," she retorts.

He warns her that a story is about to break, but the story is not just of an affair — it's that the woman is bringing accusations against him.

That tosses the Whitehouses' world upside down, as secrets from their shared past crawl to the surface, friends and allies begin to distance themselves from them in the present, and Barrister Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery), who has a complicated past of her own, works on prosecuting James. Even Sophie begins to question if what she has believed about her husband is really true.

Anatomy of a Scandal, which is based on Sarah Vaughan's 2018 novel of the same title, also stars Naomi Scott, Josette Simon, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Joshua McGuire, Liz White, Nancy Farino, Hannah Dodd, Ben Radcliffe, Jake Simmance, Annie Haworth, Amelie Bea-Smith, and Sebastian Selwood.

The show comes from creators, writers, and executive producers David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson and director and executive producer S.J. Clarkson. Liza Chasin of 3Dot Productions, Bruna Papandrea and Allie Goss of Made Up Stories, and Sarah Vaughan also executive produce. Margaret Chernin serves as co-executive producer.