'Andor' Stars Denise Gough and Kyle Soller Dissect Being the Fastidious 'Outsiders' of a Fascist Regime

They share the same desires, needs, a craving for power, and a tailor. Meet Dedra and Syril!
by Lauren Piester — 

Kyle Soller and Denise Gough in 'Andor'


Andor is a new kind of show for the Star Wars universe, with a new kind of hero and a new kind of villain. 

As we watch Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) settle into the rebellion leader we eventually know him to be in Rogue One, we are also watching supporters of the empire lose their sh-- as they watch the rebellion grow. It's not that we haven't seen buttoned-up imperial officers before, but we've never met one who had special piping added to his uniform, just to stand out. There's just something different about Syril (Kyle Soller) and Dedra (Denise Gough). The two uniform-obsessed rebellion-squashers haven't yet met on screen, but their mutual frustration with their colleagues is clear. A war is brewing, and no one is doing enough to stop it!  

Below, Soller and Gough explain to Metacritic exactly why we should all be very excited for these two to finally meet. They're almost fun enough to root for them, if it weren't for the fascist regime they represent. Villains deserve love too, maybe? 

We haven't seen you two together yet, so what can you say about what this relationship is like when we do see you together? 

Denise Gough: Cute, loving, sweet, kind, soft. 

Kyle Soller: Passionate, generous. You've seen them both appear and you've seen their qualities, so you can imagine what might happen…

D.G.: When they find each other. 

K.S.: There's an invisible magnet pulling them towards each other because they both have the same desires, the same needs, the same craving for power, the same…

D.G.: Tailor. 

K.S.: Yes, the same tailor. 

D.G.: They both have their uniforms tailored. I had just asked the designer if I could have the Imperial uniform tailored because it was just a bit messy on me. And he said, "I can't believe that you asked that, because Syril has all of his uniforms tailored." And I was like, "Who is this man? And when can I meet him?"

It does feel like you two are particularly fun Empire representatives. 

D.G.: Yeah, I mean, come on, playing these parts is always the best. I've never been particularly drawn to playing love interests or obvious heroes. But I don't think there are any of those types of parts in this show.

K.S.: No, everybody's complicated. It's really exciting to play. It's amazing to see that happen across the board for everyone. It's pretty special. 

Since the show is about the birth of the rebellion, where do your characters fit into it as these very buttoned up, very tailored imperialists? 

K.S.: Militant tailors have a bone to pick with the dirty, filthy, non-tailored rebels. 

D.G.: We've been talking a lot about the idea that in this show, everyone is within their own rebellion. There are many, many rebellions within the big rebellion. And both of these characters, despite working for essentially a fascist regime, they're outsiders within that regime, and also they're trying to make changes within it. So what Dedra is faced with is, like, inept men being lazy and missing really important bits of information that can literally save the world. So she's rebelling against that, and wants to change it, and that is her objective. She wants to change the way the system works in order to work the way she thinks it should work, because she knows best. And I have a feeling that together, they might be able to do better. 

K.S.: Yeah, I mean ultimately, in a way, they're kind of heroes of their own villain journey, because they really want the Empire and the Imperial structure to be the best it can be. Because they exist within a system and they have such desire to ascend to the upper reaches of that system, but also they're like, "Guys, get your sh-- together. This could be really amazing."

D.G.: Sit up straight and stop this messiness! Dedra's so disgusted. There was one scene with [a fellow Imperial officer] where I remember I was just looking at him thinking, "Oh my god, his uniform is so messy, I can't," and then when she meets Syril, the overriding thing I remember thinking, both as Denise and because I know Kyle's work, was "He's so clean and tidy!" And I knew we were gonna be OK.

Are we ever going to see you guys get roughed up? 

K.S.: Ah! 

D.G.: I get pretty roughed up at one point, but she's furious about it. It's not like they get roughed up and go, "Oh, I'm gonna chill out and kind of like this." Later on, there's this scene where she's sort of surrounded by people — like normal people — and you can just feel her in her white uniform, like, "No, god, get them away from me." That's why she couldn't be a rebel — because they're dirty and unkempt. 

So the plot line about Syril getting special piping on his uniform was not just a funny little moment? 

K.S.: I mean, yeah, he's trying to be distinctive. He's trying to set himself out from the rest of this kind of crummy, edge of the universe system of people who are really lazy and doing a really sh-- job. He's demanding excellence. He's got a lot to give. He's a giver, but it starts with the piping. 

D.G.: Everything starts with the piping. 

Well, I can't wait to see you guys finally come together because I feel like it's going to be a real moment for the show. 

D.G. and K.S., in unison: Meet cute! 

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Get to know Denise Gough:
Irish actor Gough most recently appeared as Dianna Lafferty in the FX miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven (Metascore: 71) and played accused murderer Connie Mortensen in miniseries Too Close (84). She has lent her voice to several video games, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (92) and Star Wars: Battlefront (73). Currently, she is in pre-production on The Chain with Sebastian Stan, who she also starred with in the 2020 movie Monday (58). 

Get to know Kyle Soller:
Soller began his career on the stage in London before being cast in the 2012 film adaptation of Anna Karenina(Metascore: 63) and the series Poldark (72). He also appeared in the movie Marrowbone (63) and the miniseries You, Me and the Apocalypse (71), and is in production on the upcoming British TV series Bodies