'Andor' Social Media Reactions Call 'Star Wars' Series 'Mature,' 'Nuanced,' and a 'Bold Experiment'

The force is strong with 'Andor.'
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Diego Luna in 'Andor'


Andor may feel like a long time coming, in part because the Star Wars film the events of the Disney+ series leads into (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) was released half a dozen years ago, but also because the show was originally supposed to premiere in August. After getting its launch date pushed back to Sept. 21 (when it will drop the first three episodes of its first season), critics who had the opportunity to watch footage early for coverage consideration had to sit on their opinions longer than expected. And for those who are Star Wars fans, that likely proved hard. But now, they are finally able to share short sentiments of opinion on social media before the full review embargo lifts, and the force is strong with this show.

However, although critics are sharing that they enjoyed the first four episodes of the series that were screened for review ahead of launch, many of them couldn't help but point out that the series is a bit different than the epic space fantasy stories that came before it in the same universe.

Fangirlish's Lissete Lanuza Sáenz tweeted that the show both feels like Star Wars, but also "something completely different." And for her, that was a good thing. She continued, "It's rare for such a well-known franchise to manage something that feels brand new, but I think this show pulls it off."

Fandango's Erik Davis' early reaction followed a similar sentiment, calling out that Andor is "more simple" and has a "ground-level approach" from other such Star Wars universe-set series before it, as The Mandalorian. Since the show deals with the forming of the rebellion, he noted that it "plays like a crime drama more than a space opera."

Some viewers may automatically think Davis' comparison to "crime drama" is synonymous with calling the show prestige television, but for those who need a little bit more convincing, freelancer Josh Weiss called Andor "probably the most mature and nuanced Star Wars project made so far," while Decider's Alex Zalben took his review a bit further, saying, "Tonally, visually, sonically, if I didn't know Andor was a Star Wars show, I would have thought it was a completely new, adult sci-fi drama."

Overall, critics responded extremely well to everything from the writing to the cinematography and the score. See below for more early reactions.