'Barry' Has to Face His Past in Season 3 Trailer

Watch a full-length trailer for 'Barry' Season 3 ahead of its April 24 premiere on HBO.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Bill Hader in 'Barry'


When Barry returns to HBO with its third season premiere April 24 at 10 p.m., things are going to look a little different.

The titular hitman (played by co-creator Bill Hader) who hates what he does for a living and instead has tried to be an actor during the first two seasons is desperate for work, so he's searching the dark web. But as the trailer, which you can watch below, shows, he's also contemplating life alone in nature.

Meanwhile, his acting teacher Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) has closed his class after 15 years. He learned his student is a killer at the end of Season 2, and given that he starts the new season trailer holding a gun, it appears his life is going to get darker with that knowledge. And soon enough the two men will finally come face to face again to hash out their relationship, and Barry's secret that led to Gene being a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend.

On a slightly brighter note, Sally (Sarah Goldberg) has created her own show that she also stars in and is seeing success. Of course, though, that success comes with a downside, as it puts new pressure on her.

Much of what the characters will have to face this third season are internal issues while deciding what choices to make next and how to make sure those choices are better. Specifically for Barry himself, he needs to explore what about his disposition and psychology led him to becoming a killer at all.

The Emmy-winning comedy comes from Hader and co-creator Alec Berg and also stars Stephen Root as Monroe Fuches, Barry's former handler currently in hiding; Anthony Carrigan as Noho Hank, head of the Chechen mob in LA; Sarah Burns as Detective Mae Dunn, D'Arcy Carden as Natalie Greer, and Michael Irby as Cristobal.

The first two seasons of Barry have earned a Metascore of 85.