'Chicago Med's' Season 8 Midseason Finale Offers One Happy Ending and One Uncertain Future

Say goodbye to Dr. Choi but hello to robots running the hospital!?
by Lauren Piester — 

Brian Tee and Yaya DaCosta in 'Chicago Med'


Warning: This story contains spoilers for the Season 8 midseason finale of Chicago Med, titled "This Could Be the Start of Something New." Read at your own risk! 

Happy endings aren't always easy to find for doctors on medical dramas, but Dr. Choi and April have found theirs on Chicago Med

Brian Tee and Yaya DaCosta made their exits in the Season 8 midseason finale with a large, elaborate wedding that they both kept threatening to postpone as April's dad was in the hospital with chest pains. But in the end, it went off as planned, and Choi officially gave his notice, as he and April are going to spend their married life running a mobile clinic, bringing healthcare to underserved communities. 

And as Ethan and April ride off into the sunset, they might be leaving behind a very different, rather futuristic hospital, potentially run by robots. Let's take a look at the other biggest moments in the episode entitled "This Could Be the Start of Something New." 

Robot Hospital, Here We Come

After Marcel (Dominic Rains) saved billionaire Jack Dayton (Sasha Roiz) from his disaster train, Dayton gifted the hospital with a state-of-the-art operating room with a robotic assistant. Marcel was skeptical, but no one else was, and so when a man with an inoperable pancreatic tumor arrived in the ER, Marcel was reluctantly convinced to let him be the OR 2.0's guinea pig. Dayton filled the viewing area with spectators, which pissed Marcel off, but the surgery went off almost without a hitch. At one point, the robot told Marcel he could not proceed with his planned stitches, and it had to be overridden so he could finish out the procedure. It worked out this time, but how often is that robot going to have to be overridden? That's absolutely going to happen again, and it might not go so smoothly next time — especially considering how the episode ended (see below). 

Trouble In Paradise for Maggie 

A couple of weeks ago, Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) took a brief joy ride with her ex-boyfriend in his fixed up car, and she had no plans to tell her husband about it. Then they got into an accident that landed the ex in the hospital, and Maggie continued to plan to not tell her husband. This week, Maggie's ex ended up back in the hospital with complications, and her husband found out about the accident she never planned to tell him about. He immediately assumed the worst, which was even worse than the actual truth. He is most definitely not happy. 

Dr. Charles and Hospital Cinderella 

When Dr. Charles (Oliver Platt) found himself infatuated with a Polish singer, he was shocked to discover she works in the hospital. She's actually the woman who cleans his office, and he was so mortified to realize he didn't recognize her all dolled up. She was totally nice about it though, and happily accepted his invitation to coffee. Hopefully this is the start of something nice for Dr. Charles! 

That Ending Announcement 

After Marcel's successful robot surgery, Dayton apparently decided to 2.0 the whole hospital by buying controlling shares. Will every OR be overtaken by robots now? Will he threaten to make doctors obsolete? Will Chicago Med turn into a sort of Smart House/AI/Age of Ultron situation where the hospital holds everyone hostage and tries to "fix" them all? Probably not, but wouldn't it be kind of fun if it did? (It's not too late, writers!)          


Chicago Med Season 8 returns at 8 p.m. Jan. 4 on NBC.