Kevin Smith Gets Meta About Moviemaking in 'Clerks III' Trailer

Watch a trailer for 'Clerks III' ahead of its September release.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

From left to right: Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in 'Clerks'


Kevin Smith is continuing his comedy stylings of Clerks with a third film in the series, due out in September. See a sneak peek in a just-released trailer, below.

Like the first two films, Smith writes, directs and stars in the film. This time, the story centers on Randal (Jeff Anderson), who has a massive heart attack and survives, only to question what he has done with his life. He has certainly watched enough movies, but now he wants to make his own. 

Naturally, Randal enlists his friends (and fellow clerks) in this endeavor, hoping to immortalize his life and the convenience store that started it all for them. And needless to say, things get meta.

Brian O'Halloran returns as Dante and Jason Mewes returns as Jay to Smith's Silent Bob. Rosario Dawson reprises her role of Becky, a role she originated in Clerks II, while Trevor Fehrman, who also joined the franchise in the sequel, reprises his role of Elias. Austin Zajur joins as Blockchain Coltrane.

The first Clerks film was released in 1994 and has a Metascore of 74. Clerks II, which was released in 2006, has a Metascore of 65. In between those two feature outings, there was an animated television series in 2000, which has a Metascore of 47. The third film, aptly-titled Clerks III, has not yet been available for review.

Clerks III will be in theaters on Sept. 13 and 15. It comes from Lionsgate, in partnership with Fathom Events.