'Conversations with Friends' Trailer Features New Original Song From Phoebe Bridgers

Watch a trailer for 'Conversations with Friends,' featuring a new original song from Phoebe Bridgers, ahead of its May premiere on Hulu.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

'Conversations with Friends'


The latest Sally Rooney adaptation, Conversations with Friends, is coming to Hulu on May 15 and the streamer just released a trailer for the limited series.

Featuring an original song from Phoebe Bridgers ("Sidelines") that was created for the series, the Conversations with Friends trailer, which you can watch below, introduces Frances (Alison Oliver), a 21-year-old student at Trinity College who is navigating a series of complex relationships that inspire (and OK, sometimes force) her to face her own vulnerabilities and shortcomings. It also allows the audience to meet the trio of characters who make up her core relationships throughout the story. There is Bobbi (Sasha Lane), Frances' roommate and friend, and Nick (Joe Alwyn) and Melissa (Jemima Kirke), a married couple befriended by the college students who also get entangled with them romantically.

"What we're doing is insanely risky," Nick says in the trailer.

"I don't think I thought about the reality or consequences," Frances says.

The 12-episode series, which drops all of its episodes at once, is based on Rooney's 2017 novel of the same title. It is the second Rooney adaptation to hit Hulu, following 2020's Normal People. That former series earned an 82 Metascore from critics; Conversations with Friends does not yet have a Metascore because its review embargo has not yet lifted.

Conversations with Friends is executive produced by Ed Guiney, Emma Norton, and Andrew Lowe for Element Pictures; Lenny Abrahamson, who also directs; and Tommy Bulfin and Rose Garnett for the BBC. Catherine Magee and Jeanie Igoe serve as producers. The series comes from Element Pictures. It will also air on BBC Three in the U.K.