Disney Plus vs. Netflix

Compare two of the top streaming giants.
by Lara Vukelich — 

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Disney Plus vs. Netflix Highlights

If you want access to exclusive Disney content, nostalgic Disney cartoons, a group watch feature, and a bundle option: Disney Plus If you want a blend of original content and older network shows, access to thousands of shows and movies, and a kids' experience: Netflix
Bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu available Award-winning TV shows and movies
Ad-free experience Ad-free experience
More than 100 4K Ultra HD and HDR titles Reminders for new content

Disney Plus (also called Disney+) and Netflix are two popular streaming services with little overlap in content. Which is to say: You can certainly enjoy both platforms with little worry of title redundancies. If you can only bring yourself to download one additional streaming service this year, the right streamer for you may depend on the age of people in your household and your level of appreciation for animation. 

Disney Plus carries classic Disney content that is not available elsewhere. This includes both nostalgic titles -- including The Journey of Natty Gann, The Absent-Minded Professor, The Great Mouse Detective, and much more -- and new series and movies that are created just for the streaming platform, such as Soul, WandaVision,The Beatles: Get Back, The Mandalorian, and more. In general, the content is geared toward a young audience. 

Netflix has both original content and tons of movies and shows from other networks. The platform carries original water-cooler shows like Squid Game, You, Emily in Paris, Maid, and more, as well as star-studded movies like Don't Look Up, The Power of the Dog, and more. Some of your favorite network shows, including The Good Place, Riverdale, Grey's Anatomy, and others have also found their way to Netflix. In general, most of the content is ideal for adults but you can create a kids channel on the platform that caters to young viewers.

Compare Disney Plus vs. Netflix plans

Disney Plus vs. Netflix Comparison

Disney PlusNetflix
Monthly price $8$10
Free trial length NoNo
Number of titles/channels 500+ films, 15,000+ TV episodes, and 80+ Disney Plus originals5,800+ titles
Number of simultaneous streams Up to fourUp to four (with Premium Package)
Cloud DVR storage NoNo
Offline viewing YesYes, for some content
Ad-free option YesYes

Which streaming service is right for you?

Both Disney Plus and Netflix offer a commercial-free experience that can please a wide range of audiences. They also share similar functionality. Want to watch your movie on the go? No problem, just download a Disney Plus or Netflix app to your smartphone or tablet. Need separate profiles for each family member? You can do that on both streaming platforms. 

That being said, there are a few key differences in these popular streaming services. Disney Plus is better for households with children. The content skews younger and even adult shows feature mostly family-friendly storylines. Netflix has a broader range of content. It can work for families with kids, but adults have more to choose from. 

Read on to learn more about Disney Plus vs. Netflix when it comes to user experience, extras, and personalization.

User experience

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is supported on a wide array of popular devices. Once you sign up for the service, you can use your login credentials to access Disney Plus on a free app on a compatible device, such as Apple iPhones and iPads, Amazon Fire Tablets, Android phones and tablets, smart TVs (including Vizio and Android models), Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and Cox Contour TV. You can also log in using just about any web browser on your computer desktop or laptop. The user experience remains consistent across devices, with content categorized by "Originals," "Movies," and "Series."


Netflix is also available across a wide range of mobile devices and TVs. You can fire up Netflix on devices, including Fire TV, Roku, smart TVs from 11 brands (like Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and more), Xbox, PS3-PS5, Cox Contour TV, Xfinity TV, Blu-ray players, Apple iPhones and iPads, Android tablets and phones, Windows phones, and just about any updated web browser. Netflix divides content into categories like "TV shows," "Movies," and "New & Hot." You can also browse content by genre. 


Can you save shows you love to watch? Does the service recommend shows you might like? Can multiple users watch under their own profile? Are there parental controls available?

Disney Plus

Disney Plus allows you to create a total of seven unique profiles on a single account. This allows members of your family to create a personalized experience on the app. You can edit the content rating in each profile, so some users have access to more mature content than others. 

Users can also track their favorite titles on a Watchlist. Available in each profile, a Watchlist is a manually created catalog of the titles you want to watch or the programs you loved and may want to revisit. You can add a program to this list by selecting the "+" icon on the show or movie's title page. 


Netflix also offers individual profiles for a more personalized viewing experience. You can have up to five unique profiles on each Netflix account. Profile settings include maturity level and specific viewing restrictions, so you can create limitations on your kids' profiles. You can also lock profiles with a PIN. 

Each user profile tracks the viewed content to offer relevant suggestions. If you rate one show positively in the app, Netflix will create a list of similar shows on your homepage. The app also gets to know your preferences over time simply by tracking what you watch -- even if you don't rate the titles you view. 

Each profile has a "My List" feature, where you can save your favorite programs for easy access. Profile users can also view shows and movies that are about to be released and request a notification. The app will send a push notification to your phone or email to remind you when the program is available. 


Disney Plus

  • Premier Access: For $30, you can watch a Disney movie that is currently available in theaters, before it becomes available to other Disney Plus customers. Once you pay the Premier Access fee for a movie, you can watch it as many times as you want. This is a great service for people who want to avoid theaters altogether. 

  • Disney Plus Bundle: For $14/mo., you can bundle Disney Plus with Hulu (ad-supported) and ESPN+. This is a great deal for those who also want to watch sports content and Hulu original shows.  


  • Ultra HD Content: Netflix has three tiers of service. At the top, the Premium Plan, users gain access to more simultaneous streams and 4K Ultra HD Content for $18/mo. This is a useful add-on that is ideal for people who have a 4K TV and want access to top-quality video. 


Disney Plus

Content on Disney Plus is less diverse genre-wise than what is found on other streamers. You won't ever see your favorite ABC sitcom from a few years ago cropping up there, or stumble upon a new edgy docuseries. While the streamer is making progress in building a solid catalog, options are relatively limited when compared to many other streamers. Plus, after paying $30 for Premier Access to a movie, you will lose access if your subscription ever lapses. 


Netflix has a great price for a single user who doesn't need to simultaneously stream. However, the platform is cracking down on password sharing. On the $8/mo. plan, when a user is currently watching a program, another user who tries to log on will be locked out unless you upgrade your account to a more expensive plan. Netflix also removes content often and sometimes without a lot of notice. 

Our final take

Disney Plus is ideal for families with young viewers, or anyone who likes Pixar animated films and Marvel superhero tales. And, naturally, it is the only choice for users who just have to have access to Disney and Star Wars movies, and National Geographic programming. 

However, Netflix is better for households who like a blend of content with plenty of more mature options at their fingertips. Since Netflix has a more diverse content catalog and never asks you to pay more for certain movies, it is the better choice for many streaming users.