Karen Gillan Trains to Kill Her Clone in 'Dual' Trailer

Watch a trailer for 'Dual,' starring Karen Gillan, ahead of its April 15 release.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Karen Gillan and Aaron Paul in 'Dual'

Courtesy of Katrina Wan PR

Karen Gillan has to fight herself to the death in Dual, opening in theaters on April 15. Watch a trailer for the new film, below.

In the world depicted by writer-director Riley Stearns in Dual, those who are dying can opt to have themselves cloned. This process is supposed to make the loss easier on the family and friends of the one who is dying. However, when Sarah suddenly makes a surprise and somewhat miraculous recovery, now there are two of her in the world: the real her and her clone. She tries to have her clone decommissioned, but she fails, leading to a court-mandated duel to the death.

"The properly trained human body is a weapon," Aaron Paul's character says as he trains Sarah. "Always use the gun, if it's an option."

Sarah as one year to train for the fight, and during that time her personal life is complicated by this other version of her running around and making connections with those in her life. While she starts out somewhat unsure, soon enough she is declaring that she is going to kill her clone.

"Taking over my life was the plan, not stealing it," she says. "This is my life. She's not going to take it from me."

Dual premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and already has a 64 Metascore based on reviews out of that event.

Dual also stars Beulah Koale and Theo James. It is an XYZ Films production, produced in association with IPR.VC. and Resolute Films & Entertainment, as well as Bond It Media Capital. It is rated R.