ESPN Plus Pricing, Plans, and Free Trial

Learn more about ESPN+ pricing, deals, free trials, and more.
by Erin Gobler — 

Thanks to television streaming services, sports fans have an easier time than ever catching up on all of the sports they love. ESPN+ is a subscription streaming service that allows viewers to watch live sports, read premium sports articles, watch popular sports documentaries, and more, all for one low monthly cost. Like other streaming services, ESPN+ can be streamed on all of your favorite devices, including smart TVs, streaming devices, and video game systems. 

ESPN+ already comes at an affordable price, but you can save even more by signing up for the annual plan or bundling it with other services. Wondering if you should take advantage of these deals? Keep reading to learn more about ESPN+ and how you can save money by subscribing to it.

ESPN+ plans and pricing

While plenty of streaming services offer a variety of plans and prices for customers to choose from, ESPN has just one. An ESPN+ has a cost of $7 per month. This monthly price gets you access to everything ESPN+ has to offer, including live channels and the ability to stream on up to three screens at once.


Monthly price
Free trial length None
No ads X
Number of screens 3
Live channels available? Yes

ESPN+ free trial

When ESPN+ was launched in 2018, it included a free trial that allowed viewers to enjoy the service for seven days before paying for their first month. Unfortunately, ESPN+ eliminated its free trial in 2020, meaning new subscribers must start paying when they sign up. Luckily, ESPN+ has such a low monthly cost that you aren't spending much money if you try the service for a month and decide it's not for you.

Other ESPN+ deals and discounts

ESPN+ already comes at a low price tag of just $7 per month. But there are also a couple of deals and discounts that allow you to save even more.

ESPN+ Annual Plan
You can save 15% off your ESPN+ plan by signing up for the annual plan. The cost of the annual plan is $70 per year, whereas you'd pay $84 per year on the monthly plan. Sign up for an annual ESPN+ plan today to start streaming.

Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ Bundle
Another way to save on your ESPN+ subscription is to bundle it with your Disney+ and Hulu subscriptions. The three services offer a bundled plan where customers can sign up for all three services for just $14 per month. To sign up for all three separately would cost $22 per month. Sign up for the Disney+ bundle here.

ESPN+ deals compared

Wondering how ESPN+'s deals stack up to other streaming services? First, ESPN+ is one of the few streaming services that doesn't offer some sort of free trial. Most similar services allow you to test the service for about a week before signing up for your first month.

However, ESPN+'s' other deals really help it stand out. Many streaming services don't offer an annual plan that allows customers to save on their subscriptions. Instead, they require customers to pay month to month. Additionally, the Disney+ bundle gives you access to more content for your family and allows you to save on your Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ subscriptions. This bundle is the only one of its kind that bundles three separate streaming services for a decent discount for the content you're getting.

Is ESPN+ worth it?

So is ESPN+ really worth it for you? For sports fans who hate to miss a game, ESPN+ is almost certainly worth it, since it gives you access to live sports, as well as the ability to rewatch sporting events after they've taken place. However, for someone who is already paying for a cable or live TV streaming service that includes popular sports channels, ESPN+ may simply not be necessary to add to your streaming library.