Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang Reimagine Jane Austen in 'Fire Island' Trailer

Don't miss the boat! 'Fire Island' premieres June 3 on Hulu.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Hulu's 'Fire Island'

Courtesy of Hulu / YouTube

Hulu just released a trailer for its modern take on Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, the queer romantic comedy Fire Island, which premieres June 3.

Starring Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang, Fire Island centers on two friends who travel to the Pines on New York's Fire Island for a vacation. There, they party with friends and flirt with two older (and significantly wealthier) men, Will (Conrad Ricamora) and Charle (James Scully).

The trailer starts with Yang's Howie screaming at his friend Noah (Kim Booster) to hurry up and get on the boat. He makes it just in time, and once he does, he strips off his shirt (so do others), prompting another man on the boat to say, "This is why people hate us."

"And also heteronormativity, Judeo-Christian pathology, anal," Howie replies.

From there, the trailer showcases the magic of the island itself, as well as the found family that is created by the community that vacations there. But it also showcases the judgmental nature of those who are deemed the "Haves" toward those they consider the "Have Nots." Spoiler alert: Noah, Howie, and their friends are considered the Have Nots when rolling up to Will and Charlie's party. However, the movie will also showcase that you can't always judge a person by the company they keep, and not every "Have" thinks they are superior to others.

Fire Island also stars Matt Rogers, Margaret Cho, Nick Adams, Tomás Matos, and Torian Miller.

Kim Booster wrote the film after being inspired by a vacation of his own. He produces alongside Tony Hernandez, John Hodges, and Brooke Posch producing for Jax Media. Andrew Ahn directs.