Netflix's 'First Kill' Trailer Teases a Love Story Between a Vampire and a Slayer

Watch a trailer for 'First Kill' ahead of its June 10 premiere on Netflix.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

'First Kill'


As we have stated before, vampire content is truly never-ending. The latest new series with such supernatural elements is Netflix's First Kill, which premieres June 10 on the streamer. See a sneak peek at the show in a just-released trailer, below.

First Kill centers on two core characters: Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) and Calliope, a.k.a. Cal (Imani Lewis). As you can see in the trailer, Juliette is a teenage vampire to is about ready to make her (wait for it) first kill so she can join the ranks of a powerful vampire family. In preparing to do so, she sets her sights on Cal, who is new in town. But being new does not make her an easy target, as it will turn out that she comes from a long line of celebrated monster hunters, and she has those slayer skills in spades. Now it is her time for her first kill, too.

As the two circle each other, they prove hard to kill, and things get even more complicated as they begin to fall for each other.

"You're nothing like the monsters I grew up hating," Cal says.

But that doesn't mean their families will approve of their relationship, and asking these young women to choose between each other and their family means they, a so-called monster and a monster hunter, will have to fight side by side for once.

The show comes from showrunner Felicia D. Henderson and creator V. E. Schwab, who executive produce alongside Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss. It also stars Elizabeth Mitchell, Will Swenson, Aubion Wise, Jason Robert Moore, Gracie Dzienny, Dylan McNamara, Dominic Goodman, Phillip Mullings Jr., MK xyz, Jonas Dylan Allen, and Roberto Mendez.