Games Like 'Bloodborne' to Play Next

Looking for tense combat and hours upon hours of story? Once you finish 'Bloodborne,' try these 10 other games, ranked by Metascore.
by Jon Bitner — 


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Elden Ring might be garnering all the attention as of late, but 2015's Bloodborne remains one of the best-reviewed titles in FromSoftware's library. The PlayStation exclusive earned a staggering 92 Metascore, with critics praising its fast-paced action and atmospheric world — one that undergoes a dramatic shift halfway through your journey.

Bloodborne was released in between Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III, so it should come as no surprise that it borrows heavily from those popular titles. Its sparse narrative and tense combat will immediately be familiar to fans of the genre, although a few tweaks make Bloodborne stand out. Specifically, the combat is much faster, with a noticeable lack of shields that forces you to push the pace of battle and stay on your toes.

FromSoftware also used Bloodborne to bring its iconic formula to a new location beyond Lordran. Taking place in the gothic city of Yharnam, Bloodborne is immediately more horrific than past Dark Souls games. You'll stumble upon a variety of twisted, mutated enemies as you search for a cure to a mysterious virus plaguing the land, and things only become more disturbing as you venture through its dark streets.

Bloodborne isn't a short adventure, with most players sinking over 30 hours into the game before slaying its final boss. That time can vary wildly based on your playstyle and skill level, with the best players in the world running through all its bosses in less than an hour. Regardless of how long it takes you to beat the game, there are plenty of follow-up titles that can help fill the void left by FromSoftware's masterpiece.

Here are 10 games like Bloodborne to play next, ranked by Metascore.


Elden Ring


Elden Ring (PS5)

Metascore: 96
Best for: Fans who want Bloodborne in an open world
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, PS4, XB1, XBX

If you loved Bloodborne, there's no doubt you'll love Elden Ring. As one of the best reviewed games of 2022, Elden Ring offers the first true open-world environment we've ever seen in a FromSoftware title. Aside from that dramatic shift, however, little else has fundamentally changed. You'll still take on some of the most challenging opponents in gaming, still lose all your unused experience points (Runes) upon death, and it all takes place in a ridiculous bleak world known as the Lands Between. The ability to jump on horseback and use fast travel makes it easy to navigate the gigantic map, and it's easy to sink hundreds of hours into the game without seeing everything it has to offer.

"One of the best video games of the last decade, and an absolutely essential release, Elden Ring really does confirm that 2022 is off to an incredible start." — GAMINGbible


Dark Souls III


Dark Souls III (PS4)

Metascore: 89
Best for: Anyone seeking more FromSoftware action
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, XB1

Any title in the FromSoftware library is an easy recommendation for most gamers, but Dark Souls III stands as one of the best. Players are once again thrust into the world of Lordran as they unravel its mysterious and bring the Dark Souls trilogy to a conclusion. Weapon Arts add a fun wrinkle to combat, as they give you a chance to pull off powerful attacks and take huge chunks out of enemy health bars. Despite the advantage, combat is still difficult — and you'll likely die hundreds of times before reaching the final boss. If you're up for another challenge after beating Bloodborne, consider Dark Souls III your next task.

"Despite its minor shortcomings, I have not played through such a satisfying and complete experience in a long time." — IGN Denmark 


Death's Door


Death's Door (PC)

Metascore: 85
Best for: Fans of quirky action
Where to buy: Steam
Also available on: PS4, PS5, Switch, XB1, XBX

With eye-catching graphics and a unique storyline, there's not much else like Death's Door on the market. You'll play as a crow that's tasked with "reaping the souls of the dead," although your typical workday is interrupted when one of your assigned souls is pilfered by a mysterious thief and whisked away to another realm. The story is both hilarious and haunting, although its action is always tense and fast-paced. As you travel across the world of Death's Door, you'll be treated to a bunch of unlockable gear and skills, brain-bending puzzles, and plenty of challenging enemies to keep you on your toes.

"The smooth and fun combat was supplemented with fun puzzles and many secrets, all packaged in an adorable cartoonish art style." — TrueGaming


Darkest Dungeon


Darkest Dungeon (PC)

Metascore: 84
Best for: Fans of strategic combat
Where to buy:

Also available on: iOS, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, XB1

Darkest Dungeon II is currently in Early Access, but the original title remains a pillar of the roguelike-RPG genre. Although its narrative is lacking, Darkest Dungeon makes up for it with an innovative turn-based battle system. Aside from facing off against terrifying foes, you'll also need to manage your team's sanity: As you venture deeper into the darkness and cross more horrific monsters, members of your party will slowly become stressed. If this goes unmanaged, you'll be in for a long battle — and members of your team might not make it out alive.

"Darkest Dungeon's sanity system is worth the entire experience. Try it, but don't expect a good story or a traditional RPG." — Multiplayer.it


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

Metascore: 84
Best for: Lord of the Rings fans
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, PS3, XB360, XB1

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor has you trekking across a sprawling open world on a quest for revenge. After Talion's family was slain by Sauron's henchmen, you'll be tasked with tracking them down and bringing their reign to an end. The third-person action game relies heavily on stealth takedowns before engaging in brutal close-quarters combat, although you'll discover increasingly powerful gear to help make your life a bit easier. Several familiar faces make an appearance too, including Gollum, who pops up a handful of times during your quest. The action might not be as difficult as Bloodborne, but fans of atmospheric worlds (or Middle-Earth) will find a lot to love about Shadow of Mordor.

"Whatever your feelings on J. R. R. Tolkien and the Middle-earth milieu, it's hard to imagine any fan of open-world action having anything less than a great time with this game." — Giant Bomb


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PS4)

Metascore: 83
Best for: Fans of metroidvanias
Where to buy:

Also available on: iOS, PC, Stadia, Switch, XB1

Brooding, challenging, and full of secrets, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is your quintessential metroidvania. You'll discover all sorts of gadgets as you fight through a demon-infested palace, each one granting you new skills and the ability to access previously inaccessible portions of the world. The 2D platformer looks stunning (thanks to colorful art style), although a surprisingly difficult game is lurking behind those inviting graphics. The key to victory is slowly learning enemy attack patterns and using every weapon in your arsenal — something that Bloodborne fans should be intimately familiar with.

"Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the best I've played this year (2019) and it's an automatic recommendation for anyone." — Atomix


Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

Courtesy of Sony

Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut (PS5)

Metascore: 83
Best for: Fans of open-world samurai epics
Where to buy:

Also available on: PS4

Ghost of Tsushima was already in impressive game, and the Director's Cut has only made it better. Beyond the base game, you'll also gain access to Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, an online cooperative game mode that sees you and a few friends facing off against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. You'll also be treated to the Iki Island expansion that takes Jin to a new location filled with new challenges to overcome and a new quest to unravel. The updated adventure is best experienced on PS5, as you'll benefit from a host of technical improvements such as reworked graphics and additional haptic feedback.

"Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut feels like the truest, purest way to experience this title, so much so that I'm willing to go through it once again from the top." — Worth Playing


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PC)

Metascore: 81
Best for: Fans of engaging combat and team-based encounters
Where to buy:

Also available on: PS3, PS4, Switch, XB360, XB1

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is one of the oldest games on this list, serving as an updated version of the original that first launched in 2012. The action takes place in the open world of Gransys, where you'll set out to slay Grigori — a dragon that's laying waste to the land. Combat will see you hacking, slashing, and slinging spells, although you can also grapple enemies and climb onto large beasts to attack their weak points. You'll also have access to Pawns, which are NPC characters that follow you on your adventure and lend a land during combat. Dark Arisen offers the original Dragon's Dogma experience along with new skills, equipment, and quests.

"A very special gaming experience that no RPG fan should miss, especially this brand new version that improved an already great game." — PLAY! Zine


Remnant: From the Ashes


Remnant: From the Ashes (PC)

Metascore: 78
Best for: Fans of cooperative, brutal action
Where to buy: Steam
Also available on: PS4, PS5, XB1, XBX

This third-person survival game is best played with a few friends by your side. Remnant: From the Ashes supports up to three players in a single game — and you'll be happy for the extra hands when facing down some of its most deadly bosses. Instead of swords and spells, however, you'll be using guns and other firearms to  rip though foes at a distance. Remnant's story is rather interesting as well, which sees you trekking across a post-apocalyptic earth to stop an interdimensional invasion before it consumes the entire planet.

"An interesting mashup of genres, ultimately creating an experience that can stand alongside even the best Soulslikes." — God is a Geek


Mortal Shell


Mortal Shell (PC)

Metascore: 76
Best for: Fans who want a twist on the Bloodborne formula
Where to buy:

Also available on: PS4, PS5, XB1, XBX

FromSoftware games have spawned legions of copycats, but few are as worthy as Mortal Shell. Like Bloodborne, Mortal Shell throws you into an unforgiving world and expects you to survive some of the hardest sequences in gaming. Mortal Shell shakes things up with a "Hardening" mechanic that turns you temporarily invincible during combat, and expert players will quickly learn this is the key to survival. Beyond Hardening, you can jump into a variety of different Shells, each bringing a new set of skills and abilities to the battlefield.

"Not only has Cold Symmetry nailed the fundamentals, but they've added their own spin to the [Dark Souls] formula without being coy about their influences." — GameCritics