Games Like 'Diablo Immortal' to Play Next

Whether you just picked up 'Diablo Immortal' and want to draw out the experience by taking breaks or you've already reached the end credits, consider these similar games.
by Jon Bitner — 

Diablo Immortal

Courtesy of Blizzard/YouTube

After going years without launching a new game, Blizzard Entertainment has finally unleashed Diablo Immortal to the masses. Available on both mobile devices and PC, the free-to-play game is already pulling in impressive reviews and has garnered more than a million downloads.

Although Diablo Immortal might be available on PC, most players will be diving into the action on their phone. Built with short play sessions in mind, this installment in the long-running franchise lets you slay demons, upgrade abilities, and snag powerful loot without the need to block out your entire afternoon. That's not to say its systems aren't deep — the Diablo faithful will find plenty of ways to customize their build and optimize their performance on the battlefield — but things have been scaled back for a more approachable experience.

Aside from tearing through hordes of enemies and acquiring new loot, Diablo Immortal gives you a surprising number of multiplayer options. Whether you're looking for a cooperative dungeon or tense competitive experience, Diablo Immortal will let you take the battle online to fight alongside other adventurers.

Blizzard has crafted a surprisingly nuanced mobile (and PC) game, one that should keep ARPG and Diablo fans busy for quite some time. But if you need a break from the action or have already blazed your way through to the final credits, there are a handful of other titles to consider. These run the gamut from other standout mobile titles to traditional RPGs and everything in between.

Here are 10 games like Diablo Immortal to play next, listed by Metascore.




Crashlands (iOS)

Metascore: 93
Best for: Those looking for off-the-wall humor and endless replayability
Where to buy: App Store
Also available on: PC, Switch, XB1

Crashlands is a survival game that has trouble taking things seriously. You'll play as galactic trucker Flux Dabes, who has become stranded on a strange (and dangerous) planet. To help you stay alive, you'll be able to craft a variety of useful objects, unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons, and put together shelters to hide yourself from nearby hostiles. You can also join up with a friend for a bit of cooperative exploration. It's not nearly as dark as Diablo Immortal, but its combination of fast-paced combat and mountain of collectibles make it a standout game in the mobile marketplace.

"An open world survival game that sets the bar for games in the genre moving forward." — 148Apps


Torchlight II


Torchlight II (PC)

Metascore: 88
Best for: Fans seeking a lighthearted version of Diablo
Where to buy: Steam
Also available on: PS4, Switch, XB1

Torchlight II offers a traditional ARPG experience. You'll first select from one of several classes (such as Outlander, Embermage, or Berserker), before setting out on a quest to save the realm. Action plays out from a top-down perspective, with players going up against armies of monsters and discovering new gear in the process. The entire experience is pulled together with an impressive layer of polish, and the fact that it can usually be had for less than $20 makes it an easy recommendation for fans of the genre.  

"A phenomenal game. It's incredibly polished, and everything just feels like it's in the right place when you're playing." — ZTGD


Wayward Souls


Wayward Souls (iOS)

Metascore: 87
Best for: Fans of retro dungeon crawlers
Where to buy: App Store
Also available on: PC

The first thing you'll notice about Wayward Souls is its gorgeous, pixelated art style. Hiding behind those deceptively simple graphics you'll find an ARPG overflowing with content. You'll play as seven different characters, each with their own skills and abilities, as you fight through increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Levels are randomly generated, meaning there's nearly a limitless supply of content to discover. Throw in 100 different types of monsters, unique storylines for each character, and a bunch of unlockable gear, and it's easy to see why Wayward Souls pulled in such a stellar Metascore.

"Stunningly beautiful, jam-packed with replay value and secrets, and loaded with tons of great action, Wayward Souls is an absolute must-have." — TouchArcade




Bastion (XB360)

Metascore: 86
Best for: Incredible artwork and an endearing story
Where to buy: Xbox Store
Also available on: iOS, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, XB1

Like Wayward Souls, Bastion can hold your attention with nothing more than its art style. Crafted like a living painting, the dangerous world of Bastion is dripping with color. The ARPG offers a fast-paced combat system with plenty of unlockable gear, but the narrative and memorable soundtrack are just as vital to the experience as anything else. Bastion is a game that feels complete — whether you're interested in graphics, gameplay, or anything it between, it's difficult to find the weak link.

"Bastion could be sold on its presentation alone; the game's hyper-detailed 2D graphics along with its eclectic and moving soundtrack perfectly match the well-told and understated story." — 1UP



Courtesy of Direlight

Grimvalor (iOS)

Metascore: 86
Best for: Fans of Metroidvanias
Where to buy: App Store
Also available on: Switch

Grimvalor might not be a traditional ARPG, but its brutal combat system and meticulously crafted 2D world make it a solid addition to any mobile gaming library. The game tasks you with exploring a dark, unforgiving world — one that teeters on the brink of collapse. As you venture deeper into the world, you'll discover abilities that help you reach previously inaccessible locations or take down daunting new foes. If you don't mind the jump from Diablo's top-down perspective to a side-scrolling view, Grimvalor is a game worth picking up. It's also been ported to Switch, giving a new audience the chance to check out the foreboding journey.

"An extraordinary action RPG and one of the best things we've seen on iOS devices in recent years." — Multiplayer.it


Path of Exile


Path of Exile (PC)

Metascore: 86
Best for: Fans of highly nuanced skill trees and free-to-play games
Where to buy: Steam
Also available on: PS4, XB1

Despite offering heaps of content, Path of Exile is entirely free. The ARPG takes strong inspiration from Diablo II — in fact, a familiar face from Diablo II helped with Path of Exile's development. You'll be treated to a mature, bloody storyline as you hack and slash your way through the bleak world of Oriath, teaming up with other players as you go. What's best about Path of Exile is its robust upgrade system, which offers a sprawling skill tree filled with over 1,000 passive upgrades and a unique skill gem system that lets you change your abilities by equipping different gems.

"Considering that Path of Exile costs you nothing beyond some Internet bandwidth, it provides an embarrassment of pleasures." — GameSpot


Pascal's Wager

Courtesy of Tipsworks

Pascal's Wager (iOS)

Metascore: 78
Best for: Fans of challenging boss fights
Where to buy: App Store
Also available on: N/A

Pascal's Wager might be one of the most difficult games on mobile. It's inspired by titles like Dark Souls, which is immediately evident when you encounter your first enemy. Proper timing is the key to survive, and it's not uncommon to fail dozens of times before vanquishing a particularly pesky boss. You can make things easier on yourself by collecting dozens of powerful weapons, but the best thing you can do to improve your odds is hook up a gamepad to your phone. It's much more daunting than Diablo Immortal, but it shares a similar aesthetic and rewards you for playing smart.

"Pascal's Wager has ticked every box to draw in a gamer who enjoys realism, anticipation, and intrigue centered around combat that offers challenge." — GameSpace


Titan Quest


Titan Quest (PC)

Metascore: 77
Best for: Fans of ancient Greek mythology
Where to buy:

Also available on: iOS, PS4, Switch, XB1

Take the usual ARPG tropes, cover them with a think layer of Greek mythology, and you've essentially created Titan Quest. That's not a knock, either — all the core mechanics are just as enjoyable as you'd expect, and the action is easy on the eyes thanks to its gorgeous Greek backdrop. Featuring cooperative multiplayer, thousands of collectible items, and a story that will take you from Babylon to the Parthenon, Titan Quest is a blast from start to finish. It's also available on most modern platforms, including mobile, so you can enjoy the journey while on the road.

"If you like a hack and slash game in the style of Diablo, then you'll definitely enjoy Titan Quest." — GameWatcher


Dungeon Hunter 5

Courtesy of Gameloft

Dungeon Hunter 5 (iOS)

Metascore: 68
Best for: Fans of ARPGs built specifically for mobile play sessions
Where to buy: App Store
Also available on: PC

The Dungeon Hunter series was one of the first to successfully bring a hack and slash experience to mobile. It's evolved significantly over the years, and Dungeon Hunter 5 now stands as the latest (and almost the greatest) entry in the franchise. (Dungeon Hunter 2 has the highest Metascore.) A lengthy solo campaign will take you through more than 90 missions as you fight to save the land from ravenous monsters. You can also take the battle online to fight side by side with three friends. Its arsenal of gear is just as impressive as anything else in the genre, with more than 900 pieces up for grabs.

"Dungeon Hunter 5 delivers a better experience than the previous episode, with a decent balancing, a solid upgrade system and lots of challenging missions." — Multiplayer.it


Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Courtesy of Ubisoft

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (PC)

Metascore: 64
Best for: Fans of castle building and dungeon diving
Where to buy:

Also available on: iOS

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is built around an innovative "One-Thumb" gameplay system. Whether you're slashing through foes, casting a deadly ability, or just navigating its menus, everything can be easily done with a single finger — making it easy to pick up and play while on the road. When you're not cutting down hordes of enemies, you can piece together your own castle that can provide you with benefits to help you on your quest. There's also a bunch of gear to collect and plenty of bosses to defeat, giving you a good reason to log in every day.

"An incredible game… whether you are diving head first into someone's Castle or if you are working on your own Castle's defenses." — Digitally Downloaded