Games Like 'Mario Strikers: Battle League' to Play Next

Whether you've blazed through Cup Battles or don't have a Switch and need an alternative, there are plenty of great games at your disposal.
by Jon Bitner — 

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Courtesy of Nintendo

After more than a decade, Nintendo has finally released a new Mario Strikers game. Launched exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Mario Strikers: Battle League brings fans back to the pitch for another arcade-inspired, over-the-top soccer match.

As you'd expect, the usual Mario cast is all here, including Yoshi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Waluigi, and more. Each character is given their own unique Hyper Shot — that is, an overpowered skill that grants you bonus points when scoring a goal. You'll also find an assortment of power-ups that spice up the action and turn your screen into a series of explosions and fireworks.

While Mario Strikers: Battle League is just as family friendly as every other game featuring the mustachioed plumber, there's a surprising degree of nuance to the action. Not only is there a high skill ceiling, but there are also a bunch of unlockable customization options to augment each players strength, speed, and other attributes. This adds a fun layer of strategy to each match, while also giving you something tangible to work towards.

Compared to its predecessor (Mario Strikers Charged), Battle League is a massive leap forward when it comes to online play. Whether you're playing solo or with eight players, online play is arguably one of the most entertaining parts of the game. And if you're not interested in competitive online play, you'll find a sizable offline campaign called Cup Battles to work through.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is earning great reviews, but there are plenty of similar games on the market that carry a similar appeal. Whether you've blazed through Cup Battles or don't have a Switch and need an alternative, there are plenty of great games at your disposal.

Here are 10 games like Mario Strikers: Battle League to play next, listed by Metascore.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

Courtesy of Activision

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 (PS4)

Metascore: 89
Best for: Fans of extreme sports
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, PS5, Switch, XB1, XBX

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 breathes new life into the two original installments in the beloved franchise. You'll ride around a variety of maps littered with collectibles and challenges, completing as many tasks as you can in a set amount of time. The arcade skating action is just as engaging as it was decades ago, although both games benefit from a new coat of paint and a variety of quality-of-life changes. The bombastic soundtrack is also largely intact, and you'll even find a few new hits scattered in between the oldies.

"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 isn't just as good as you remembered, it's better." — Cheat Code Central


NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

Courtesy of EA Sports

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (XB360)

Metascore: 85
Best for: Fans of basketball and retro gaming
Where to buy:

Also available on: PS3

NBA Jam has long dominated the arcade basketball scene, and the On Fire Edition is arguably the best showcase for its talents. Traditional basketball rules go out the window, with teams composed of just two players each going head-to-head in bite-sized matches. Play well enough, and you'll literally catch on fire — providing you with stat boosts to light up the score board and leap above the rim. There are also a bunch of unlockable teams, giving you something to work towards every time you pick up the controller.

"That this is the definitive version of NBA Jam is undeniable: it plays better, looks better and lasts better than any of the previous games in the series' history." — IGN


Rocket League

Courtesy of Psyonix

Rocket League (PS4)

Metascore: 85
Best for: Fans of frenetic team sports
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, Switch, XB1

Throw a bunch of superpowered cars onto the pitch, give them a gigantic soccer ball, and let them try to smack it into the other team's goal. That's the premise of Rocket League, which is essentially an arcade soccer game with rocket-powered vehicles replacing humans. You'll drive up walls, bunny hop into the air, and propel yourself skyward as you try to outmaneuver the competition. It's a ridiculous concept, but one that's held millions of players captive since launching in 2015. It recently pivoted to a free-to-play model, making it easier than ever to join in on the high-flying antics.

"It's a blast to play and it only gets better as skills improve over time and as the competition ramps up." — Sporting News


Retro Bowl

Courtesy of New Star Games

Retro Bowl (Switch)

Metascore: 84
Best for: Fans of old-school, arcade sports games
Where to buy: Switch eShop
Also available on: iOS

Madden might have a stranglehold on the football market, but it's far from the only great option for fans of the gridiron. Retro Bowl takes a decidedly different approach to the action, offering old-school graphics, simplistic gameplay, and the ability to manage your roster or upgrade your facilities. Gameplay is limited to offense only, although the incredible passing mechanics and simplified controls make it easy to sink dozens of hours into the game. Fans of old-school sports games will find a lot to love here, and the ability to take it on the road with you on your Switch or smartphone only makes it more compelling.

"Retro Bowl is, easily, one of the most downright enjoyable American football games of the last few years." — Shindig


Knockout City

Courtesy of Velan

Knockout City (PS4)

Metascore: 80
Best for: Those look for chaotic action with a high skill ceiling
Where to buy: PlayStation Store
Also available on: PC, PS5, Switch, XB1, XBX

Knockout City is an over-the-top version of dodgeball. You'll head to a variety of wild locations before running around searching for dodgeballs to pummel the competition with. Special dodgeballs are scattered around each map, which offer you the ability to throw bombs, trap players in cages, or hit enemies from long range. Defense is just as important as offense, as you'll be able to catch incoming dodgeballs and counterattack with a deadly throw. It's a truly unique game, and one that offers a high skill ceiling for competitive players.

"Velan Studios has taken the simple concept of dodgeball and turned into one of the most original and enjoyable multiplayer games I've played in quite a while." — GameSpew



Courtesy of EA

FIFA 22 (PS5)

Metascore: 78
Best for: Strikers fans looking for a more realistic soccer sim
Where to buy:

Also available on: PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, XB1, XBX

If you're looking for a realistic soccer sim, it's hard to find one better than FIFA 22. Instead of Mario Strikers' wild take on the sport, FIFA 22 offers a grounded experience that's about as true to the sport as you can get. Whether you're playing a local multiplayer game or diving into the gigantic FIFA Ultimate Team (which lets you build a team and play against either NPCs or online against other players), FIFA 22 offers a bit of something for everyone.  If you're playing on a new-gen platform, you'll also be treated to HyperMotion, which offers realistic animations for players and enhanced graphics.

"FIFA 22 features tons of big changes in every element of gameplay, making this year's iteration the best version seen to date." — God is a Geek


Mario Tennis Aces

Courtesy of Nintendo

Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)

Metascore: 75
Best for: Fans seeking more arcade-inspired sports gameplay
Where to buy:

Also available on: N/A

Mario Tennis Aces is very similar to Mario Strikers: Battle League. Aside from a familiar cast of characters, you'll find a colorful, arcade sports game that's not afraid to put its own twist on the action. The core tennis experience is present, but you'll be able to store up energy to smack the ball back at your opponent with incredible force. You can also dive into a first-person viewpoint to send back a shot with pinpoint accuracy or slow down time. It's exactly what you'd expect from a Mario version of tennis — and that's not a bad thing.

"Mario Tennis Aces gives the arcade tennis series a massive injection of depth, turning this family friendly sports title into a tactical, fast-paced chess game." — Critical Hit


Nintendo Switch Sports

Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch)

Metascore: 72
Best for: Anyone looking for the perfect party game
Where to buy:

Also available on: N/A

If you're looking for a great party game that lets you dive into a bunch of different sports, consider checking out Nintendo Switch Sports. Its name might be a bit boring, but its six games are anything but. Soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and chambara (a form of swordplay) offer enough depth and variety to keep you a few friends entertained for hours. Each sport comes with its own rulebook and controls, although most gameplay revolves around motion controls and getting you up on your feet. You can even take the action online for some competitive multiplayer or a friendly match with friends around the world.

"A well-thought-out online mode lifts Nintendo Switch Sports from being a sheer nostalgia trip, to an experience well worth the investment." — GamesRadar+


Mario Golf: Super Rush

Courtesy of Nintendo

Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch)

Metascore: 70
Best for: Fans of quirky, fast-paced golfing
Where to buy:

Also available on: N/A

Not content to stick with one sport, Mario Golf Super Rush brings the plumber and his motley crew to the green. One of the most interesting game modes available is Speed Golf, which has you racing other players to be the first to get your ball in the hole. It's a wild idea, but one that turns the slow-paced sport into a frenetic battle of both skill and strategy. Of course, you'll also have the option to play a "regular" round of golf, although it's less a real simulation and more a high-powered arcade game. Rounding out the package are ranked modes, customizable stats, and online play.

"Mario Golf: Super Rush puts delightfully fast-paced twists on arcade-style golf, both in its hilarious multiplayer modes and robust, solo adventures." — PCMag


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Courtesy of Nintendo

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (Switch)

Metascore: 69
Best for: Fans of button-mashing mini games
Where to buy:

Also available on: N/A

While the Tokyo Olympics have come and gone, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 remains an impressive sports game. You'll find 30 different events up for grabs, ranging from surfing and archery to boxing and badminton. Most of them boil down to simple mini games, but each one offers interesting mechanics to master and an approachable design that works well for all skill levels. Local multiplayer makes it a great game to play with friends, although a Story Mode lets solo players check out everything it has to offer.

"Probably the best game in the series with a nice selection of events, features and characters, and enough gameplay variation to keep fans occupied." — Gaming Age