Hulu Plans, Pricing, Channels, and More

Explore your Hulu streaming options and find a plan that fits your budget.
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Hulu Plans, Pricing, Channels, and More

Everything you need to know about Hulu's plans, pricing, channels, and more

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Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services, and it's easy to see why. The company offers a variety of plans to choose from, each with their own pricing and features. Subscribers can choose between just on-demand streaming or streaming with live TV, which offers access to many popular channels.

Wondering whether Hulu is right for you? Keep reading to learn how

works, what plans are available, and how much you can expect to pay.

How does Hulu work?

Hulu is a streaming service that combines the benefits of a traditional streaming service with that of live television. It has a large streaming library with TV episodes and movies, as well as the option to buy a plan with live TV to watch more than 85 major channels

Meanwhile, Hulu is considered both an OTT (over-the-top) and VOD (video-on-demand) service. VOD refers to the fact that Hulu offers on-demand streaming, while OTT refers to the fact that titles are delivered over the internet rather than through traditional cable or satellite services.

How much does Hulu cost? 

So how much is Hulu? Hulu offers four different plans, each of which comes with its own features and its own price, which means the Hulu subscription cost varies. Hulu prices start at just $7/mo., which makes it one of the most affordable streaming services. 

It's worth noting that there are add-ons available for each of Hulu's plans that can increase your monthly bill, but each plan has its own base price. Also, the add-ons are totally optional, which means you can fully use the streamer without any of them.

Here are the prices of each of Hulu's plans:

Hulu (Ad-Supported)
The most basic Hulu plan has a price tag of just $7/mo.

Hulu (No Ads)
The Hulu plan without ads costs $13/mo.

Hulu + Live TV (Ad-Supported)
Hulu + Live TV costs $70/mo.

Hulu + Live TV (No Ads)
The Hulu + Live TV plan with no ads for on-demand titles has a price tag of $76/mo.

What plans does Hulu offer?

Hulu currently offers four different plans, including its basic Hulu plan, Hulu (No Ads), Hulu + Live TV, and Hulu + Live TV (No Ads). Both VOD plans offer a free trial, while the two OTT plans, unfortunately, do not.

Hulu compared

HuluHulu (No Ads)Hulu + Live TVHulu + Live TV (No Ads)
Monthly price $7/mo.$13/mo.$70/mo.$76/mo.
Free trial length 30 days30 daysN/AN/A
No ads NoYesNoYes
Number of screens TwoTwoTwoTwo
Live channels N/AN/A85+85+

Sign upSign upSign upSign up


This plan comes with access to Hulu's streaming library with thousands of movies and TV episodes. Subscribers can watch new episodes the day after they air, as well as stream award-winning Hulu Originals.

Meanwhile, subscribers of Hulu's basic plan can have up to six user profiles and watch on two different screens at once, available on TV, laptop, phone, or tablet.

Hulu (No Ads)

The Hulu (No Ads) plan comes with most of the same features and benefits as the basic Hulu plan, but with a couple of additions. First, the plan offers ad-free streaming on most titles, as well as the ability to download some others.

Hulu + Live TV

The Hulu + Live TV plan has many of the same features as the other plans, including access to the streaming library and the same number of user profiles and screens allowed at once. Additionally, the plan offers live TV with more than 85 top channels, allowing subscribers to entirely replace their cable service. Subscribers also receive access to the live TV guide to navigate channels, as well as unlimited Cloud DVR storage to record live TV starting on April 13.

Hulu + Live TV (No Ads)

The plan combines the benefits of Hulu's Live TV and its no-ads plan. Subscribers can watch either the streaming library or live TV, all without ads.

What top channels does Hulu have?

If you're wondering what to watch on Hulu + Live TV, you have a ton of options. When you sign up for Hulu + Live TV, you'll have access to more than 85 channels that you can watch live or record to watch later.

First, Hulu's live TV plans come with access to local channels that depend on where you live. Additionally, subscribers have access to a large list of entertainment and lifestyle channels that include HGTV, Bravo, Discovery Channel, Food Network, E!, Lifetime, National Geographic, History Channel, TLC, USA Network, and more. The plans also come with family and kid-friendly channels Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon.

Subscribers of Hulu's live TV plans also have access to some of the top news and sports channels, including CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, ESPN, CBS Sports Network, NFL Network, and more.

What premium channels add-ons and extras does Hulu have? 

When you sign up for your Hulu plan, you don't just have access to the plan as it comes. You'll also have the opportunity to choose from many different add-ons that can enhance your streaming experience.

Hulu offers four different Premium add-ons — HBO Max, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz — which are available to add to any of Hulu's plans. They also offer add-ons that are only available for live TV plans, including unlimited screens, Spanish, Entertainment, and Sports.

Hulu add-ons

Price Per MonthAvailable with HuluAvailable with Hulu (No-ads)Available with Hulu + Live TVAvailable with Hulu + Live TV (No-ads)
HBO Max $15YesYesYesYes
Cinemax $10YesYesYesYes
Showtime $11YesYesYesYes
Starz $9YesYesYesYes
Unlimited Screens $10NoNoYesYes
Unlimited Screens $15NoNoYesYes
Entertainment Add-on $8NoNoYesYes
Spanish Add-on $5NoNoYesYes
Sports Add-On $10NoNoYesYes

What about local networks on Hulu? 

As we mentioned, when you purchase one of Hulu's live TV plans, you'll have access to several local channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. These channels will allow you to watch local news and sports. 

The channels you have access to depend on where you live. When you sign up for your Hulu plan, you'll share your address and zip code, which will determine the local channels you have access to.

Is Hulu worth it?

is one of the most popular streaming services, and it's easy to see why. First, it has one of the lowest starting prices, at just $7/mo. after Hulu's latest price increase. Additionally, the variety of plans to choose from offers ultimate flexibility to ensure everyone can find a plan that best fits. 

Because the plans range from just $7/mo. for the basic plan to $76/mo. for the live TV without on-demand ads plan,

is well-suited to those who want to fully replace their cable service, as well as those who just want to add an additional streaming service to their arsenal. And thanks to the free trial for its VOD plans, everyone can try  for an entire month to test it out before they pay a dime.