'Keep Breathing' Trailer: Melissa Barrera Learns to Survive When Stranded in the Wilderness

Watch a trailer for 'Keep Breathing,' starring Melissa Barrera, ahead of its July premiere on Netflix.

Danielle Turchiano

'Keep Breathing'


Netflix released a trailer for Keep Breathing, starring Melissa Barrera, which premieres on July 28. Watch it below.

In the new six-episode limited series, Barrera plays a woman who survives a plane crash in the middle of the Canadian wilderness. There, she has to battle against the terrain and weather elements in order to survive physically, but she will have to face her own demons to survive mentally and emotionally, too. However, she is not completely alone in the show, as Jeff Wilbusch, Austin Stowell, Juan Pablo Espinosa and Florencia Lozano also star.

Described as a "survival thriller," the show will follow Barrera's character as she learns to keep herself alive (and sane) by eating berries found in the woods, starting fires with her glasses, chasing what she hopes is a rescue plane, swimming, and screaming into the abyss. All of this can be seen in the trailer, in addition to flashbacks of a younger version of her feeling equally unsafe, but for different reasons, in her own home environment. As she fights the fear that no one will come for her because no one cares about her, she learns to trust and fight for herself.

"Do you know why there's stars in the sky?" A younger version of her is asked. "So we can always find our way home."

Keep Breathing comes from creators and showrunners Brendan Gall and Martin Gerro, who executive produce alongside Maggie Kiley. Kiley also directs the first three episodes, with Rebecca Rodriguez directing the final three.