'Lightyear' Trailer Introduces Buzz's New Team

Meet the legendary space ranger's team for his mission of space and time ahead of 'Lightyear's' June 17 release.
by Danielle Turchiano — 



Disney and Pixar fans know Buzz Lightyear as being part of Sheriff Woody's team of toys from the Toy Story franchise, but in Lightyear, opening in theaters June 17, the man behind the shiny plastic has to lead some very real people on a mission through space and time. Meet that team in a new trailer for the film, below.

The space ranger on whom the eventual toy is based is a real person in this origin story for the character. Voiced by Chris Evans, he is originally give four minutes to leave the planet, but his hyper-launch goes awry and he ends up more than 62 years in the future, meeting his old friend Alisha Hawthrone's (Uzo Aduba) granddaughter Izzy (voiced by Keke Palmer) on a hostile planet more than 4.2 million light-years from Earth — and one that is covered in robots and in need of help with destroying an alien ship.

Teaming up with with a new Hawthorne and her crew, Darby Steel, a criminal looking to shave time off her sentence (voiced by Dale Soules), and Mo Morrison, a guy who thought he'd be participating in some exercise program (voiced by Taika Waititi), Buzz has to go up against Zurg (Josh Brolin) who controls those robots as members of his army.

"The probability of survival with an inexperienced crew is 38.2-percent," says Sox the cat (Peter Sohn) in the new trailer.

But he also has to find new connections with this rag-tag group, which doesn't come as easily as he might think. When he holds out his finger, for example, and says, "To infinity," waiting for Izzy to say, "And beyond," she just asks if he's trying to get her to pull his finger.

"Sorry, it's a thing your grandmother and I used to do," he says.

"Ew," she replies.

Lightyear also features the voices of Mary McDonald-Lewis as onboard computer I.V.A.N., Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Commander Burnside, Efren Ramirez as Airman Diaz, and Keira Hairston as Young Izzy. The film is directed by Angus MacLane from a script by Pete Docter, produced by Galyn Susman, and features a score by Michael Giacchino.