Regina Hall Discovers Creepy Campus Curse in 'Master' Trailer

'Master,' from writer-director Mariama Diallo, premieres March 18 on Prime Video.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Regina Hall in 'Master'

Prime Video

In Master, Regina Hall leads a female-driven cast of characters discovering the prestigious college they call home is haunted. Or cursed. Or some combination of both.

"Legends. Ancaster College is crowded with them. When you go to a school that's nearly as old as the country, you can expect to hear a few," Hall's Professor Gail Bishop says in a new trailer released ahead of the film's March 18 premiere on Prime Video.

But that also comes with decades of racism and other marginalization built into its bones.

Master follows Gail, who s promoted into the role of "Master," the head of a residence hall. This is said to be an exciting event because she is the first Black person to hold that title, but it is also fraught, as moving into new accommodations and taking on new responsibilities has her coming face-to-face with centuries-old traditions, many of which held Black people back for years.

Gail also gets caught up in the life of new, young student Jasmine (Zoe Renee), who is energetic and optimistic at the start of her stepping onto campus, but quickly hits a snag when he is assigned an infamous, and possibly haunted, dorm room. Jasmine also clashes with Professor Liv Beckman (Amber Gray), who is in the middle of a racially-charged tenure review.

After years of fighting to make it into Ancaster for Jasmine, make it at Ancaster for Liv, and make it into Ancaster's inner circle for Gail, the women are confronted with darker truths of the institution and their place as Black women climbing the ranks of success. Gail, specifically, will have to face not whether the school is haunted or cursed, but rather, by whom.

Master marks writer and director Mariama Diallo's first feature. It also stars Talia Ryder and Talia Balsam.