Netflix's 'Geeked Week' Trailer Teases Five Days of Fan Surprises, Including 'The Sandman'

Get a sneak peek at Netflix's 'Geeked Week' through a trailer narrated by 'Stranger Things' star David Harbour.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Netflix's 'The Sandman'


Netflix's Geeked Week first launched as a fandom event in 2021 and it's coming back to mark its territory as an annual event in June. Specifically, June 6 through 10. Get a sneak peek at the five-day virtual fan event designed to celebrated the streamer's genre content in a teaser below.

Narrated by Stranger Things star David Harbour, the teaser features almost two minutes of clips from fan-favorite programs including Stranger Things,The Adam Project, and The Umbrella Academy, as well as the upcoming adaptations of Resident Evil and The Sandman (to name a few).

"It's time to admit that geeks are f---ing great. We are the hyper-passionate, the super curious, the ones willing to dive into the unknown — or get scared sh--less by it. Either way works," Harbour says.

Each day of the five-day event will be focused on a different theme and will come with all-new original content, including cast reveals, talent appearances, trailer premieres, and (for the first time) exclusive Netflix games. Jacob Bertrand, jstoobs, Jaeden Martell, Reece Feldman aka guywithamoviecamera, Ella Purnell, Tiffany Smith, Felicia Day, B Dave Walters, Geoff Keighley, and Mari Takahashi will act as hosts throughout the event.

Day 1, a.k.a, June 6 will feature series; while June 7 will focus on film; June 8 will bring animation; June 9 will spotlight Stranger Things specifically, a show that will be in between the two Volumes of its fourth season; and the final day, June 10 will be all about games.

In total, more than 60 Netflix projects will be included in Geeked Week. Others include former NBC-turned-Netflix drama Manifest, The Gray Man, Alice in Borderland, Day Shift, and The Sea Beast.