'Orphan' Prequel 'Orphan: First Kill' Trailer Teases Esther's Evil Origin Story

Esther's baa-aack.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Isabelle Fuhrman in 'Orphan: First Kill'


If you were terrified by Orphan in 2009, maybe look away. Because the followup prequel Orphan: First Kill is coming to theaters and Paramount+ on Aug. 19 and the streamer has just released a trailer, which you can watch below.

Orphan, which has a Metascore of 42, is a psychological horror film from writer David Leslie Johnson and director Jaume Collet-Serra that follows a couple who adopts a 9-year-old from an orphanage, only to first experience the girl's terrible bouts of violence and then learn a dark secret about her (SPOILER ALERT): She's actually an adult woman with a growth disorder.

Isabelle Fuhrman played that woman, named Esther, and returns for the new film. This time, though, the story follows Esther before she meets that couple. She escapes from an Estonian psychiatric facility and travels to America by impersonating the missing daughter of a wealthy family, who welcome her with open arms, thrilled to have their daughter back. Of course, though, another twist will come up that pits her against a mother (played by Julia Stiles) determined to protect her family at any cost. Because Esther can't keep her murderous tendencies at bay.

Orphan: First Kill also stars Rossif Sutherland. It is directed by William Brent Bell, from a screenplay by David Coggeshall and story by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Alex Mace. Mace, Hal Sadoff, Ethan Erwin, and James Tomlinson serve as producers, while Jen Gorton, Josie Liang, Victor Moyers, Kyle Irving, Johnson-McGoldrick, Daryl Katz, Chloe Katz, and Paul Marcaccio serve as executive producers. The film is licensed internationally by Sierra/Affinity.