'Pearl' Trailer: Mia Goth Gets Her Origin Story in 'X' Prequel

Watch a trailer for 'Pearl,' the 'X' killer's origin story, ahead of its September release.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Mia Goth in 'Pearl'


A24 and Ti West's 2022 horror-slasher film X already has another film in the soon-to-be franchise coming, and you can see what to expect from it via a new trailer, below.

The new film is a prequel titled Pearl. While X was set in 1979 and followed a group of filmmakers who were making an adult film, only to have to fight for their lives when the woman with whom they are staying turns murderous. That woman is Pearl and was played by Mia Goth. Now, she gets her own origin story, set during the World War II era.

The new film follows Pearl (still played by Goth) as she wishes for a new life, including freedom from her burdensome family and the chance to "be special" — which to her means "dancing up on the screen like the pretty girls in the pictures." 

"I want to be loved," she says in the trailer. "But the truth is I'm not really a good person."

She already has violent urges and tendencies — not to mention people around her who don't want her to leave her farm family — and she begins to act on all of those desires. 

When a casting call comes through her town for a new kind of film, Pearl is determined to get the role. Meanwhile, she also begins to act on taking out her frustration with her life on people staying at her farm, which leads to her first real massacre.

X has a Metascore of 78. Pearl, which is not yet available for review, will be released in theaters on Sept. 16.