Philo TV Channels, Pricing, and Packages

Learn more about Philo TV pricing, channels, features, and more.
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Philo TV Channels, Pricing, and Packages

Everything you need to know about Philo TV channels, pricing, and packages

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Philo may be less talked about than Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV, but it holds up against the competition when it comes to a live TV streaming service. The streamer, which was founded in 2009, caters to entertainment lovers, thanks to its variety of lifestyle networks and movie add-ons. 

You can find popular channels including AMC, Comedy Central, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, Lifetime, TLC, and many more on Philo, as well as such free options as Bloomberg Television, Cheddar News, Crackle, and more. With more than 60 channels to choose from Philo has a lot to offer. 

Perhaps the most appealing part of Philo is the price tag. It's much cheaper than the competition, and while it has slightly fewer channels than the big guys, if you're on a budget, it's a solid option.

Wondering whether Philo is the right streaming service for you? Keep reading to learn about what Philo is, how it works, how much it costs, its features, and if it's worth it to add to your streaming service library.

How does Philo work?

Philo is designed to serve as a replacement for your traditional cable service. When you sign up, you'll have access to more than 60 popular Philo channels, with an emphasis on entertainment and lifestyle titles. In addition to Philo live TV, Philo has an on-demand library that includes more than 60,000 movies, TV episodes, and specials. It also allows you to replay anything that's been aired in the past 72 hours and comes with an unlimited amount of cloud DVR space so you can record your favorites. 

How much does Philo cost? 

Philo has a far simpler pricing structure than most of its competitors. Rather than choosing between several different plans at different prices, there's just one plan with a price tag of $25/mo. You can also customize your plan with several different movie and entertainment add-ons, which cost between $3/mo. and $9/mo.

What plans does Philo offer?

Philo doesn't have the variety of packages that some of its competitors offer. Instead, it has just one plan available to all subscribers.


Monthly price $25/mo.
Free trial length Seven days
No ads No
Number of screens Three
Live channels 60+

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What top channels does Philo have?

While Philo lacks many of the sports, news, and local channels that people have come to expect from a cable or live TV streaming service, it still offers more than 60 channels for subscribers to enjoy. More specifically, Philo channels primarily include entertainment and lifestyle options, including AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, DIY Network, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, Lifetime, Paramount Network, TLC, and many more.

In addition to the more than 60 channels that come with Philo's paid subscription, it also offers a handful of free channels that anyone can enjoy. Those channels are Bloomberg Television, Cheddar News, Crackle, Gusto TV, PlayersTV, Revry, and Ryan and Friends.

What add-ons for premium channels and extras does Philo have? 

Philo has a limited number of add-ons available compared to other live TV streaming services. At this time, the streaming service only offers three movie and entertainment add-ons. There are no add-ons for sports or increasing the number of simultaneous streams allowed on your account.

Philo add-ons

Price per monthAvailable with Philo
Movies & More (Cinémoi, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Reelz, and Sony Movies) $3/mo.Yes
Epix $6/mo.Yes
Starz $9/mo.Yes

What about local networks on Philo? 

So does Philo have local channels? Unfortunately, there are no Philo local channels. If you want to enjoy such local networks as ABC, CBS, and NBC, you'll have to find another way to do so.

Is Philo worth it?

Philo is a great option for streamers on a budget. It allows you to cut the cord and save money while still streaming many of your favorite TV channels. Though it doesn't have as many channels as some of the competitors and doesn't have a ton of add-ons, it makes for a good addition to an existing streaming collection. Meanwhile, it has unlimited DVR storage so you can hold onto your favorite shows.

However, if you're someone who really wants to stream sports channels or local channels, you might be disappointed by Philo. There isn't much on offer for those with Philo, which means you'll have to find them in another streaming service, increasing your monthly spend. Entertainment and lifestyle lovers, though, should feel quite satisfied with a Philo subscription. 

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