'Queer as Folk' Reimagining Trailer Spotlights the Survivors of a Tragic Shooting

Watch a full-length trailer for Peacock's 'Queer as Folk' reimagining.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Fin Argus in 'Queer as Folk'


The doors of the Babylon club may be open when Peacock's Queer as Folk premieres on June 9, but they won't be for long. As you can see in a new trailer below (and trigger warning ahead), a tragic shooting takes place there, turning the lives of the survivors upside down.

This upcoming reimagining of the 1999-2005 series of the same title follows an ensemble of characters, with Mingus (Fin Argus) and Brodie (Devin Way) at the center. Brodie has just returned to New Orleans after being away for med school, and he has a complicated family situation and relationship with an ex to contend with. But before he can really tackle those things, he connects with Mingus in Babylon. Mingus is there to perform in drag, and he is in the middle of his number when he spots the gunman. Brodie rushes the stage to try to keep him safe, and it works.

But they are far from the only ones affected. And not everyone makes it out alive.

The trailer starts light and humorous, but quickly turns more serious as the characters have to contend with their new reality and the well-meaning but re-traumatizing way those around them respond to them. Through it all, though, they find new joy, lean on each other, make new romantic connections, and deepen their relationships overall — including finding their own ways to honor the victims through opening a new safe space club.

The new series also Jesse James Keitel, CG, Johnny Sibilly, and Ryan O'Connell, with guest stars Kim Cattrall, Juliette Lewis, Ed Begley Jr., Armand Fields, Chris Renfro, Eric Graise, Sachine Bhatt, Benito Skinner, Nyle DiMarco, Lukas Gage, Megan Stalter, Olli Haaskivi, and Calvin Seabrooks.

The show comes from creator Stephen Dunn, who also directs and serves as executive producer alongside writer Jaclyn Moore, Lee Eisenberg, Emily Brecht, Russell T. Davies, Nicola Shindler, Louise Pedersen, and director Brian Dannelly. O'Connell serves as a co-executive producer and writer, in addition to acting in the show. It is produced by UCP and distributed by All3 Media International. 

The original Queer as Folk earned a 61 Metascore from critics, but the new series' review embargo has not yet lifted so that Metascore is still pending.