Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Want an Underdog Story in 'Welcome to Wrexham' Trailer

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had never worked together before, but they bought a football club together. This is their story.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in 'Welcome to Wrexham'


Being an American who crosses the pond to take charge of a football league team is not easy, but it can be rewarding. That much has already been fictionalized in Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso, but now Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney want to show you the reality of such a task in a docuseries titled Welcome to Wrexham that chronicles them buying and running the third oldest professional football club in the world. Take a look at a trailer for Welcome to Wrexham, below.

Reynolds and McElhenney teamed up in 2020 to purchase the Red Dragons, which is a fifth tier, North Wales team in the football league system. They hoped to get an underdog story, allowing the world to come together to root for the team because though the football club is historic, it has been struggling. They had no previous experience in either the sport or with each other, but they had heart and hope and a dream. 

As you can see from the trailer, they get a crash course in the world of football and in proving themselves. Aptly set to "Can't Help Falling In Love," the trailer features Reynolds talking about how the town wondered what "these two guys" are doing here, McElhenney realizing just how much work they had ahead of them (down to even creating a real gym for the team to work out in between practices), and bringing families and a community together over a shared love of sport.

Welcome to Wrexham is produced by Boardwalk Pictures. The series premieres with two back-to-back episodes Aug. 24 beginning at 10 p.m. on FX.