How 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' Booked That Episode 3 Special Guest Star

'If she will have us, we will move the heavens and earth to have her on the show,' head writer and executive producer Jessica Gao recalls saying.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Tatiana Maslany in 'She-Hulk'

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for the third episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, . Read at your own risk!

In just the first two episodes, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law already featured several appearances from important Marvel Cinematic Universe players, from Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) to Abomination (Tim Roth). But as the third episode proves, the show can deliver fun guest stars well beyond the superhero scope, bringing in Megan Thee Stallion to cameo as herself.

How she now features into the MCU is two-fold: Jen's lawyer nemesis Dennis (Drew Matthews) ends up on the other side of a court case, suing a shapeshifter who catfished him into thinking she was Megan Thee Stallion, dating him, and getting him to buy her extravagant gifts, including a car. But by the end of the episode, the real hip-hop artist appeared as herself. Jen (Tatiana Maslany) signed her as a client, and the two celebrated by twerking in Jen's office in a mid-credits scene.

"The format of the show — the fact that it's a 30-minute legal comedy — really naturally lends itself to guest stars in an organic way where because there are all these lawsuits," head writer and executive producer Jessica Gao tells Metacritic. "Jen is a lawyer, she's always in court, there's always a trial of some type, there has to be people filling these cases. But by that nature you understand, once that case is done and wrapped up, that character is not sticking around. If you really were a lawyer, just because you represent someone once the case wraps, they're not going to start living with you and hanging out with you forever."

So, while that implies you shouldn't expect to see Megan Thee Stallion have a multi-episode arc the way Abomination did, it was still a big deal for the show to book her in the first place.

Gao reveals that the role wasn't specifically written for the rapper, but that when they came up with the story idea, they knew the guest star had to be "a famous, beautiful, and successful female celebrity." If that sounds broad, it was — intentionally.

"We didn't know who would be possible to get," Gao admits. "It could have been an actor, a model, a musician. And also, we knew that depending on who was cast, we'd probably have to tweak the story to really be bespoke and customized to that person."

It was Jameela Jamil, who plays villain Titania, who brought up Megan Thee Stallion as an option, Gao says. The two worked together on the first two seasons of HBO Max's voguing reality competition Legendary.

"The moment she said that, we just dropped everything and said, 'Discussion over. If she will have us, we will move the heavens and earth to have her on the show.' And it all happened very quickly and it was just an absolute dream come true," Gao says.

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