9 Shows Like 'Cowboy Bebop' to Watch Next

Discover more shows like 'Cowboy Bebop' to add to your watchlist.

Lara Vukelich

John Cho and Danielle Pineda in 'Cowboy Bebop'


Cowboy Bebop premiered a live-action adaptation of the anime series of the same name in late 2021. Starring John ChoMustafa Shakir, and Daniella Pineda, the show follows a group of bounty hunters in 2071 who work for an organization called the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP). From aboard their ship, the Bebop, these space crusaders chase down criminals across several planets. You don't have to be familiar with anime favorites to love this space-based story, but it won't hurt if you are.

Fans of science fiction, extraterrestrial tales, and all things Mars got a kick out of the 10 episodes, but it wasn't enough for Netflix, which canceled the series just a month after first releasing it. 

So, if you love the space elements of Cowboy Bebop, can't get enough of the action sequences, or just love the fantasy genre in general, you are likely looking for another show that captures a similar spirit to watch since there will not be any new episodes of Cowboy Bebop to come.

Here, Metacritic selects nine shows to watch next if you like Cowboy Bebop

Samurai Jack

Metascore: 93
Best for: Animation fans, dark drama enthusiasts, fans of stories about good vs. evil
Where to watch: 

, Google Play, , ,
Seasons: 5

While it's not anime like the original Cowboy Bebop, fans of adult animation will appreciate the artistry in this series that first aired in 2001. The story follows the eponymous Jack, a Japanese samurai prince (voiced by Phil LaMarr) with a mystical samurai sword. Fighting to take his kingdom back from evil forces, Jack finds himself traveling through time as he takes on malicious forces. 

"Everything glows. One hopes for a happy ending, of course, but what matters most is shape and color, the abstraction of rain on stone, the sun through the trees." — Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

Metascore: 89
Best for: Sci-fi fans
Where to watch: 

, Google Play, , ,
Seasons: 4

This space-set series takes place in a far-off galaxy where people inhabit the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The titular Battlestar Galactica is the only military ship to survive an attack staged by man-made clones. Along with a few civilian aircraft, the ship embarks on a mission to a fabled place called Earth. The series invokes themes of mortality and valor that are similar to those in Cowboy Bebop

"One of TV's most invigorating and intellectually stimulating series." — Charlie McCollum, San Jose Mercury News


Metascore: 86
Best for: Fans of animation, time-traveling aficionados
Where to watch: 

Seasons: 1 (so far)

This animated series displays a type of fantasy and science fiction that strays far from the world of Cowboy Bebop. But anyone who loves the rich characters of anime can still appreciate this beautifully animated tale. The story follows a young woman (played by Rosa Salazar) who tries to uncover the mystery of her father's death. The added twist? She was in an accident that left her able to travel through time. 

"It is magnificent art, a world opulently realized from its oil painted backgrounds to its sound design." — James Poniewozik, The New York Times

Adventure Time: Distant Lands

Metascore: 82
Best for: Animation lovers, Adventure Time fans
Where to watch:

, Google Play, , ,
Seasons: 1

When Adventure Time ended in 2018, fans thought they may have left the land of Ooo behind forever. Enter this four-part series that revisits parts of the same world, while adding new characters. The first installment follows the adventures of BMO (voiced by Niki Yang), a robot who has crash-landed on a planet that is less than desirable. The writing is just as clever and irreverent as it was in the original series. Fans of Cowboy Bebop may love the misadventures of this space crew just as much as they enjoy the world explored in their favorite anime-inspired series. 

"Adventure Time is one step ahead of its audience." — Eric Kohn, IndieWire

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Metascore: 82
Best for: Muppets fans, fantasy lovers
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 1

This Netflix series is a prequel to the 1982 film The Dark Crystal. The show explores the planet Thra and follows three siblings who are trying to save it from destruction. Much like the justice seekers in Cowboy Bebop want to rid their world of negative forces, the protagonists in this 10-part series are trying to avoid something called the Darkening. If you love beautiful puppetry and rich storytelling, you will be enthralled by this show. 

"Age of Resistance is like an immense, ten-hour magic show, engrossing down to the very last wondrous detail." — Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture

Harley Quinn

Metascore: 82
Best for: Batman fans, comedy lovers
Where to watch: 

, Google Play, , ,
Seasons: 2 (so far)

This animated series is a lot funnier than some of the other picks on our list, but it maintains a fantasy world, being based on DC Comics characters. Kaley Cuoco voices the title character, who has just broken up with the Joker (voiced by Alan Tudyk) when the show begins. Set in Gotham, Harley forms the Legion of Doom, which includes other comic favorites Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) and Doctor Psycho (Tony Hale).

"The writing is frequently uproarious, chock full of millennial nostalgia and cerebral gallows humor." — Robyn Bahr, The Hollywood Reporter


Metascore: 82
Best for: X-Men comics fans, thrill-seekers
Where to watch: 

Google PlayiTunes
Seasons: 3

In this thoughtful examination of mental illness, a world emerges in which the titular character (played by Dan Stevens) realizes he isn't just neurodivergent, he is actually a mutant. A cerebral mystery and fantasy world combine to enthrall viewers in all three seasons of this show based on the Marvel Comics character. 

"There is an abundance of quality in Legion at every level, making it a show you can't stop watching." — David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

Supergirl (2015)

Metascore: 75
Best for: Superhero fanatics
Where to watch: 

, Google Play, , Netflix,
Seasons: 6

Like Cowboy Bebop, this adaptation of the DC Comics character is also live-action. The CW series from Warner Bros. Television spends six seasons following Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), who was sent to Earth from Krypton when she was 13 years old. She was supposed to protect her cousin on Earth — but her spaceship went off track. By the time she got to the planet, her cousin was grown up and already the hero known as Superman. This series follows Kara starting at age 25, when she is trying to make it as a journalist and hiding her secret identity and the responsibility she feels to protect those around her, but as the series goes on, there are many superhero team-ups and other partnerships as those closest to her begin to learn about her true power. Fans of Cowboy Bebop might appreciate this show's similar themes of intergalactic travel and justice. 

"Supergirl [is] very, very good and represents the best DC Comics television has to offer." — Craig Byrne, Collider

The Expanse

Metascore: 72
Best for: Fans of space-related action 
Where to watch: 

, Google Play, ,
Seasons: 6

Spaceships? Check. Mystery? Check. The series picks up about 200 years in the future during a period of strife between Earth and Mars. The United Nations deploys a team of law enforcement to find a missing woman as they work to ensure peace between the two planets. The team uncovers a large conspiracy along the way involving biohazards. Much of the action takes place aboard the spaceship Rocinante after the team's other ships are destroyed. If you like the idea of interplanetary drama, this series may appeal to your interests. 

"The Expanse is an evolving text that an increased sense of scale has only made richer." — Steve Greene, IndieWire