10 Shows Like 'Fringe' to Watch Next

If you're a fan of 'Fringe' and have struggled to find similar shows to watch next, check out the following list.
by Taylor Freitas — 



Drama series Fringe takes audiences inside the FBI's Boston-based Fringe Division, which investigates unexplained paranormal events using "fringe science," or scientific methods and theories that are usually questioned (if not rejected) by traditional scientists.

The key members of the team include Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), a driven FBI agent; Walter Bishop (John Noble), a former government scientist whose fascination with fringe science landed him in a psychiatric hospital; Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), a consultant and Walter's estranged son; and Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole), Walter's assistant who becomes increasingly trusted and integral as time goes on and their cases get more complicated. Together, they challenge mainstream science, explore parallel universes, and discover alternate versions of themselves.

Created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, Fringe began as a sci-fi procedural, following the division as it works on various cases, which include everything from mysterious viruses to shapeshifters. But the Emmy-nominated show used that popular and seemingly simple format to ease its audience into much more complex serialized elements, following the professional and personal lives of each character, as well as their relationships with one another.

This month marks 10 years since the series finale of Fringe, which originally aired on Fox for five seasons between 2008 and 2013. If you're a fan of the series and have struggled to find similar shows to watch next, check out the following list. It includes several sci-fi dramas in the same vein as Fringe, with some sharing themes such as time travel, parallel universes, and impossible-to-explain occurrences. There are also a few titles that, like Fringe, revolve around government investigations into the paranormal.

Here, Metacritic brings you 10 shows like Fringe to watch next, ranked by Metascore.


Terry O'Quinn in 'Lost'



Metascore: 84
Best for: Fans of Abrams and mystery-packed island adventures
Where to watch:

, Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, Vudu 
Seasons: 6

Four years before Fringe premiered, Abrams co-created Lost, a science-fiction drama with elements of adventure, mystery, and fantasy. The series follows the surviving passengers of Oceanic Air Flight 815, which crashed on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. Together, they must figure out how to stay alive on the island, where danger seems to be ever-present — with everything from mysterious monsters to violent locals threatening their wellbeing. Like Fringe, Lost brings in some unique sci-fi elements, and it also experiments with different timelines, chronicling the survivors' time on the island, as well as flashbacks and flashforwards of their lives before and after the crash.

"Lost itself has a certain intriguing quality that makes it worth coming back for more." — Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


J.K. Simmons in 'Counterpart'



Metascore: 76
Best for: Fans of sci-fi spy thrillers set in Europe
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu
Seasons: 2

In Starz's Counterpart, J.K. Simmons stars as Howard Silk, a humble worker at the Office of Interchange (OI), a United Nations spy agency in Berlin. He lives an ordinary life until he uncovers a secret that changes everything: the OI is responsible for guarding a crossing to a parallel universe. Even more shocking? He has a counterpart named Howard Silk Prime (also played by Simmons), a highly successful OI agent on the other side. As Howard explores the "Prime" universe, he learns more about how it came to be — and why its existence is so guarded.

"A smartly constructed and atmospheric spy thriller." — Maureen Ryan, Variety


Louis Hofmann in 'Dark'



Metascore: 72
Best for: Fans of grim and mysterious foreign-language dramas
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 3

Like Fringe, Netflix's Dark is built around the theme of parallel universes and their impact on current realities. Jumping between the past, present, and future, this show is set in the fictional small town of Winden, Germany, where several children have recently gone missing. In response, four local families band together to investigate the disappearances, but their search reveals some unexpectedly dark secrets from the town's past. In the present-day timeline, the characters must also prepare for the upcoming apocalypse, which they learn about when they time-travel into the future.

"It's beautiful, mysterious, and a little bit maddening." — Emily St. James, Vox


John Cho in 'FlashForward'



Metascore: 71
Best for: Fans of time-traveling shows with thought-provoking undertones
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu
Seasons: 1

Based on a novel by Robert J. Sawyer, FlashForward is another sci-fi drama that plays with the theme of time travel. It begins during a strange global phenomenon where the world's population blacks out for a little more than two minutes. In that time, they see what their life will look like six months into the future. For some people, the visions are exciting. But for others, they're terrifying or, worse, non-existent. With public anxiety growing after the event, the FBI assigns special agents Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) and Demetri Noh (John Cho) to investigate what triggered the flashforward.

"A compelling concept and a solid cast." — Michael Starr, New York Post


From left to right: Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel in 'Person of Interest'


Person of Interest

Metascore: 66
Best for: Fans of vigilante stories with a sci-fi slant
Where to watch:

, Google Play, HBO Max, iTunes, Vudu
Seasons: 5

From 2011 to 2016, Abrams served as an executive producer on CBS' crime sci-fi drama Person of Interest. It revolves around John Reese (Jim Caviezel), an ex-CIA agent who agrees to help Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), a billionaire software entrepreneur, prevent crime in New York City. The men combine their strengths to create a powerful machine that identifies potential offenders (otherwise known as people of interest). However, while their invention is useful in stopping crime, it also attracts unwanted attention from the eyes of law enforcement and other intelligence organizations.

"Clever but somehow not very absorbing." — Ellen Gray, Philadelphia Daily News


The cast of 'Eureka'



Metascore: 66
Best for: Fans of quirky sci-fi shows set in small towns
Where to watch:

, , Google Play, iTunes, , Vudu
Seasons: 5

If you're looking for a more light-hearted, comedic sci-fi drama, Eureka could be a fun watch. The show follows U.S. Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), who mistakenly ends up in the fictional Pacific Northwest town of Eureka. Soon after his arrival, Jack steps into the role of the town sheriff, where he learns a shocking secret: For years, the government has been sending geniuses to Eureka, where they've been working on top-secret technology projects. Even though he isn't as intelligent as the other residents, Jack brings common sense to the community — which often gets them out of sticky situations.

"It can be pleasant — even charming at times — but not much more than that." — Barry Garron, The Hollywood Reporter


The cast of 'Warehouse 13'


Warehouse 13 

Metascore: 65
Best for: Fans of fantasy sci-fi sagas involving government conspiracies
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, , Vudu
Seasons: 5

Warehouse 13 takes place in rural South Dakota, where Secret Service Agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) have been assigned to a government warehouse full of supernatural artifacts. As part of their duties, the agents must identify other mysterious objects around the country — which are often used for malicious purposes — and bring them back to the top-secret facility. Warehouse 13 and Eureka belong to the same fictional universe (both shows aired on Syfy), with several characters appearing in both shows.

"A goofy setup, to be sure, but an entertaining and lively one." — Randee Dawn, The Hollywood Reporter


Gillian Anderson in 'The X-Files'


The X-Files 

Metascore: 65
Best for: Fans of suspenseful sci-fi thrillers or "monster of the week" shows
Where to watch: 

Google PlayHuluiTunesVudu
Seasons: 11 and two movies

Multiple critics have drawn comparisons between Fringe and The X-Files, the sci-fi horror drama created by Chris CarterThe Fox series tags along with FBI Special Agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), who are responsible for investigating unsolved cases that involve paranormal activity. Despite their different backgrounds and belief systems, the duo comes together to look into all kinds of strange situations, ranging from mutant killers to otherworldly spirits to mythical creatures. And in some cases, Scully and Mulder even find themselves as the victims of these paranormal phenomena. And just like Peter and Olivia, they can't help but get romantically involved.

"There's not much suspense here, but the two leads, and the hour's teacup worth of mystery, are just enough to keep this flying saucer aloft." — Howard Rosenberg, Los Angeles Times


Joel Kinnaman in 'Altered Carbon'


Altered Carbon 

Metascore: 64
Best for: Fans of cyberpunk thrillers with impressive visuals
Where to watch:

, Google Play, Netflix, Vudu
Seasons: 2

Created by Laeta Kalogridis and based on a Richard K. Morgan novel, Netflix's Altered Carbon is set in a futuristic world where humans can transfer their minds into different bodies (known as sleeves). It begins as former soldier Takeshi Kovacs (played by Joel Kinnaman and, later, Anthony Mackie) wakes up in a new body after being frozen in prison for more than two centuries. But his freedom comes with a condition: Takeshi must help Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy), an ultra-wealthy and powerful man, solve his own murder.

"Altered Carbon has an amazing sandbox to work with, but the story doesn't always know how to play in it." — Tim Surette, TV Guide


The cast of 'Haven'



Metascore: 53
Best for: Fans of sci-fi mystery investigation shows with a supernatural twist
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu
Seasons: 5

Inspired by Stephen King's novel The Colorado Kid, Haven tells the story of FBI Special Agent Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), who is sent on assignment to the small town of Haven, Maine. But it's not long before she realizes that Haven isn't an ordinary place and it actually has quite the supernatural connection. Driven by curiosity, Audrey decides to hang around and joins the Haven Police Department, where she looks further into the town's troubles. What she doesn't expect, however, is just how closely the mysteries in Haven seem to relate to her past.

"If you like a cozy, lived-in mystery with some quirky characters in a pleasant setting — and you don't mind spotty writing and perfunctory camerawork — you may enjoy it." — Mike Hale, The New York Times