10 Shows Like 'The Mindy Project' to Watch Next

Five years after 'The Mindy Project' ended, it's time to check out similar (often female-forward) workplace comedies centered with heavy relationship elements.
by Taylor Freitas — 

Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina in 'The Mindy Project'


The Mindy Project is Mindy Kaling's Critics' Choice Award-winning workplace romantic comedy series about a woman looking for her happily-ever-after that ran for six seasons on Fox and Hulu. In it, Kaling plays Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a New York-based obstetrician/gynecologist, who decides that she's ready to revamp her life and become a new woman after an embarrassing drunken display at her ex-boyfriend's (played by Bill Hader) wedding.

The series follows Mindy's journey to marriage and motherhood, on which she's joined by a lovable bunch of colleagues at her medical practice, including her nemesis-turned-friend-turned-lover Dr. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), the hunky and slightly nerdy Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks), the ex-con nurse Morgan Tookers (Ike Barinholtz), and the fiery receptionist and former nurse Beverly Janoszewski (Beth Grant).

Over the course of The Mindy Project, our rom-com-loving protagonist experiences her fair share of dating hits and misses, crossing some boundaries with co-workers and ex-flings along the way. Eventually, though, she finds unexpected true love and (presumably) gets her much-wanted happy ending.

This November marks the fifth anniversary of The Mindy Project finale. If you've missed Dr. Lahiri and the team at Shulman & Associates, of course, now is the perfect time to rewatch their adventures. But it might also be time to dig into a similar show, including others that Kaling has created or worked on, or programs that share a particular theme with The Mindy Project, including workplace sitcoms and female-fronted comedies. 

Read on to discover 10 shows like The Mindy Project to watch next, ranked by Metascore.


Quinta Brunson in 'Abbott Elementary'


Abbott Elementary 

Metascore: 83
Best for: Fans of mockumentary-style comedies
Where to watch:

, , , , , ,
Seasons: 2 (so far)

Quinta Brunson created and stars in ABC's Abbott Elementary, a workplace comedy about a group of dedicated teachers at an underfunded school in Philadelphia. In the middle of it all is Janine Teagues (Brunson), a second-grade teacher with a positive attitude and an unwavering commitment to helping her students succeed. With many obstacles in their way, Janine and her fellow educators work tirelessly to support their young students while also trying to navigate their personal lives. After one season on the air, Abbott Elementary won three Primetime Emmys (from seven nominations), including Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. 

"Brunson's sitcom always feels heartfelt, even when it's criticizing a system that's overworking teachers and letting down students." — Kristen Lopez, IndieWire


Gina Rodriguez in 'Jane the Virgin'

The CW

Jane the Virgin 

Metascore: 81
Best for: Fans of telenovelas and romantic comedies with a unique premise
Where to watch:

, , , Netflix,
Seasons: 5

It's more soapy and magically real than The Mindy Project, but Jane the Virgin is a worthwhile watch if you like lovable female leads who are wrapped up in tricky romantic situations. It stars Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva, a religious young woman who's mistakenly impregnated via artificial insemination. To make matters even more complicated, the biological father is Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), an older, married man who owns the hotel where she works. As she comes to terms with her pregnancy, she must figure out how to explain it to her family, including her devoutly Catholic grandmother, Alba (Ivonne Coll).

"An infectiously enjoyable confection of outlandish telenovela-inspired soap opera (think Ugly Betty) grounded in lovably fractious family dynamics." — Matt Roush, TV Guide Magazine


Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in 'Never Have I Ever'


Never Have I Ever 

Metascore: 81
Best for: Fans of heartfelt coming-of-age romantic comedies
Where to watch: Netflix
Seasons: 3 (so far)

Inspired by Kaling's childhood, Never Have I Ever chronicles the life of Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), a first-generation Indian-American teenage girl. The show, which was created by Kaling and Lang Fisher, follows Devi as she copes with the abrupt death of her father, followed by subsequent health issues of her own and a difficult relationship with her mother. She also faces the challenges of typical high-school life, including a complicated romantic situation that leaves Devi torn between two different boys: the older Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet) and her former rival Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison).

"The show continues to be a realistic and empathetic portrayal of what being a teenager looks like." — Radhika Menon, Decider


America Ferrera in 'Ugly Betty'


Ugly Betty 

Metascore: 75
Best for: Fans of dramedies adapted from international programs
Where to watch:

, , , ,
Seasons: 4

Like The Mindy Project, Ugly Betty centers on a career-focused young woman in New York – although Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) is in fashion journalism rather than medicine. The series is based on the popular Colombian telenovela from Fernando Gaitán and tracks Betty's rise through the ranks at Mode, a high-fashion magazine headquartered in Manhattan. While there, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with her boss, Mode editor-in-chief Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius), who's also the son of the magazine's wealthy owner. However, Betty's life is made harder by a crew of colleagues who mock her looks and fashion sense.

"Lots of fun, lots of laughs, lots of good, heartwarming plots." — Linda Stasi, New York Post


The cast of 'Scrub's



Metascore: 74
Best for: Fans of medical-themed comedies with memorable characters
Where to watch:

, , , , ,
Seasons: 9

If you're excited by the medical aspect of The Mindy Project, then Scrubs is another workplace comedy that you might enjoy. Set at the fictional Sacred Heart Hospital, the series tags along with a group of medical interns — including John "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff), Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke), and Christopher Turk (Donald Faison) — as they begin their professional careers. Over the course of the show, the interns learn from the established doctors and nurses at the hospital, including chief of medicine Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins), attending physician Perry Cox (John C. McGinley), and head nurse Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes).

"It's a deliciously post-modern and surreal sitcom that succeeds both on a silly and an intellectual level." — Brandon M. Easton, The Boston Globe


Andy Samberg in 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Metascore: 73
Best for: Fans of Andy Samberg and cop-themed comedies
Where to watch:

, , , ,
Seasons: 8

Brooklyn Nine-Nine revolves on the police officers who make up the NYPD's 99th Precinct in Brooklyn. At the center of the action is Detective Jake Peralta (Samberg), whose goofy nature and lighthearted attitude often get him into trouble with his more stoic superior, Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher). The men work alongside a colorful cast of police personnel, including Jake's over-achiever love interest, Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero); Jake's oddball best friend, Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio); the tough and no-nonsense Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz); and the caring family man Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews).

"A smart and funny series." — Gail Pennington, St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Zooey Deschanel in 'New Girl'


New Girl 

Metascore: 67
Best for: Fans of silly and slightly awkward sitcoms about friendship
Where to watch:

, , , Netflix,
Seasons: 7

Created by Elizabeth Meriwether, New Girl tells the story of Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel), a newly-single teacher in Los Angeles who moves into an apartment with three men: Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.), who is later replaced by Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris). The series takes an amusing look at each of the roommates' quirky personalities, as well as their romantic lives, which sometimes involve one another. Over its seven seasons, New Girl won a pair of Critics' Choice Television Awards and was nominated for multiple Golden Globes and Primetime Emmys.

"It's funny and cute." — Troy Patterson, Slate


Amy Poehler in 'Parks and Recreation'


Parks and Recreation 

Metascore: 67
Best for: Fans of The Office and feel-good, binge-worthy comedies
Where to watch:

, , , , ,
Seasons: 7

This mockumentary-style series stars Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, a bright-eyed government employee at the Parks Department in fictional Pawnee, Ind. The workplace comedy follows Leslie and her colleagues on the job as they involve themselves in their community and interact with (often demanding) members of the public. Some of the show's most memorable characters include Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), Leslie's second-hand man with a penchant for the finer things in life; Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), the department head with a distaste for government; and April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza), the team's sarcastic intern-turned-assistant.

"It has a kind of sunny charm, a premise fit for a novel, and is built upon a pair of strong female leads, a rare enough thing in sitcoms." — Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times


From left to right: Rainn Wilson, Steve Carell, and John Krasinski in 'The Office'


The Office (2005)

Metascore: 66
Best for: Fans of workplace-set sitcoms with a hint of cringe comedy
Where to watch:

, , , , ,
Seasons: 9

Based on the BBC series of the same title, The Office tags along with the employees of Dunder Mifflin in Scranton, Penn. – one of whom is Kaling's Kelly Kapoor. The team works under the leadership of Michael Scott (Steve Carell), the regional manager who's eager to make his employees feel like a family but often uses questionable methods to do so. In addition to acting in The Office, Kaling also served as an executive producer, writer, and director – so if you're a fan of The Mindy Project, there's a good chance you'll enjoy her work on this series as well.

"A passable imitation of a miles-better British original." — Robert Bianco, USA Today


The cast of 'Champions'



Metascore: 64
Best for: Fans of Workaholics or comedies about complex family relationships
Where to watch:

, , , Netflix,
Seasons: 1

Created by Kaling and Charlie Grandy, Champions only lasted a season, but it's a fun and easy watch if you enjoy Kaling's style of comedy. It follows Vince Cook (Anders Holm), a Brooklyn-based gym owner whose life revolves around working out and womanizing — but everything changes when his ex-fling, Priya Patel (Kaling), arrives in New York with their teenager (played by Josie Totah). Now, Vince, a former high-school sports star, must figure out a way to connect with the ambitious theater kid who's more interested in arts than athletics.

"The show's workplace zaniness is definitely where Champions is most a work-in-progress." — Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter