How to Get a Starz Free Trial

Learn more about the Starz free trial and how to get more shows and movies for less money.
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Starz Free Trial

Everything you need to know about a Starz free trial

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Starz is the exclusive home to hits including Outlander, Blindspotting, P-Valley, and more. It's a premium cable network that has an app, an online streaming platform, and an on-demand platform for easier viewing of its original programming, as well as licensed titles.

As a standalone service or add-on to other streaming plans, though, Starz's $9/mo. price tag is fairly high. You may want to know if you can get a free trial of Starz before you start handing over that monthly fee. The good news is, you usually can. Read on to learn everything you need to know about a Starz free trial and other deals you may find for the service.

Starz pricing

In general, a Starz subscription costs $9/mo., whether you sign up for a subscription directly through the service or via another streaming plan. In some cases, you may be able to find a promotional price, but discounts may vary depending on when you sign up or if you're a new subscriber.

Starz pricing is simple. It's a straightforward streaming service because it only has one plan. Though you can add Starz on many other streaming services, from

to Hulu, if you sign up for an account through the Starz website, you have full access through your Starz login online, on your TV, and on the Starz app. 


Monthly price $9/mo.
Free trial length Seven days — when available
No ads Yes
Number of user profiles Five
Live channels available? Yes

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Starz free trial

Starz doesn't always offer a free trial, but when it does, it's usually seven days. You can typically find the current offer by going to the Starz website and selecting Start Free Trial at the top of the page. Likewise, if you already subscribe to services like Hulu, Philo, YouTube TV or Prime Video, you can add Starz to your subscription and get a free trial. Note that this trial period may be different from what Starz offers directly.

Starz's method for promotions is a bit different from other streaming services. Because most other services don't have a rotating door of price promos, the free trial is always available. Most free trials are seven days, though some (such as Showtime) have a 30-day free trial. Even if Starz doesn't offer a free trial when you're shopping streamers, though, it may be worth it. Starz originals, which include such older titles as The Girlfriend Experience, BMF, Sweetbitter, as well as upcoming dramas from The Serpent Queen to another Dangerous Liaisons remake. These series are exclusive to Starz, so you won't be able to find them anywhere else.

Other Starz deals and discounts

Aside from the introductory sale price and occasional Starz free trial offers, there aren't currently any other ways to get a discount. Starz doesn't generally fall into any bundle deals with other streaming services, though, as we mentioned, you can get it as an add-on to services like Prime Video or Hulu. The price for the add-on, though, will usually be the same price you pay when signing up through Starz directly. 

Starz deals compared

Though Starz doesn't offer much in the way of deals, it does often have an introductory discount or free trial — which can be appealing. However, some subscribers may be more in favor of a bundle deal that gets them access to more streaming services and titles, like the Disney Bundle. Because Starz also doesn't do a discounted prepaid year, that can also be a drawback for subscribers. 

And since Starz charges by the month, you also run the risk of your monthly price going up at any time. This is a risk you'll face with most streaming services, though.

Is Starz worth it?

Starz has a wide range of hit original series and a broad selection of other shows and films, making it a great option for TV fans and film buffs. Plus, the service usually offers a seven-day free trial, so it's easy to give it a try with no commitment. Sign up for Starz today to see if it's right for you.