Why 'Teen Wolf The Movie' Might Not Be What You Expect

'I don't have to show my naked body anymore on TV,' Tyler Posey declared, to a few boos in the SDCC audience.
by Lauren Piester — 

Tyler Posey in 'Teen Wolf: The Movie'

Five years after the end of Teen Wolf, the wolf pack is returning to screens in a feature length movie, appropriately titled Teen Wolf The Movie. Naturally, the return of Teen Wolf also meant a return to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con, both for some movie previews and a bit of looking back at the series that started it all with creator Jeff Davis and stars Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin. All three men talked of the chills and the many hugs they experienced when they reunited on set, and revealed a few important details about how different the movie will be from the show. 

First of all, it may still be called Teen Wolf, but the main characters are no longer teens. After a time jump, Scott (Posey) is now in his 30s, older than Posey is in real life. The show has grown up along with the actors and fans, so there will be swearing. Or, as Posey said, "We say 'f---' in Teen Wolf The Movie." 

Scott is also keeping his shirt on, partly to hide the many, many tattoos Posey has gotten over the years (even, as Posey revealed, all over his ass). He will be wearing a lot of long sleeves, and other items of clothing. 

"I don't have to show my naked body anymore on TV," Posey declared, to a few boos in the audience. 

Posey also revealed a few details about where Scott is in life as the movie picks up: "Beacon hills messed Scott up," he said. "Beacon Hills was a f---ing wild ride. It sucked. It aged me 50 years. … Scott wanted to step away. He lives in Los Angeles now, he wanted to put the leadership role on the shelf for a while. He works at the vet, he's a normal person. He is lonely. He's an adult. He's going through what all of us have gone through as adults.

"He's dealt with really serious moments in his life, stepping away, he deals with the reality of being an actual human, has to figure out how to save himself. He's more relaxed, not so focused on saving the world yet, but we've never seen Scott like this ever, so I was really happy to present that and play that, so I hope you guys like it. It's really cool," he continued. 

Long before the panel, it was announced that Crystal Reed would return as Allison Argent, despite Allison having died at the end of Season 3. The panel (and just-released teaser) revealed that Allison is actually back from the dead. No other details were given, but Posey said Allison's return "f---ing rocks" Scott's world. "He doesn't really know what to think. You'll see. It's not anything what you would think." 

Davis said it took a minute to get back into Allison's voice, but they were determined to make sure the character felt correct, even after so many years. 

While most of the teens have grown up on screen, there are new one to meet, including one with a very familiar last name. Derek Hale (Hoechlin) has a teen son named Eli Hale, played by Vince Mattis. Hoechlin, who is also a producer on the movie along with Posey, even helped cast Derek's mysterious teen son. The Superman & Lois star said that it was quite different to play Derek as a dad compared to Clark Kent, because there are fewer rules for Derek Hale to follow. For Posey, Eli's presence was exciting because it allowed Scott to pass the torch. 

Under Davis' watchful eye, Hoechlin and Posey couldn't really give many more details about the movie, or answer a fan's question about their feelings on the end of the movie. Here, however, is what they could say: 

Posey: "It didn't end up where I thought it was going to end up." 

Hoechlin: "It's an exciting ending." 

Davis: "It's an emotional ending." 

However, he also added that "there is discussion of doing more."

At the very least, he said that the movie is essentially a condensed Season 7 of the original series, so there's sure to be something there for every fan. 

The end of the panel featured a major surprise in the form of Sarah Michelle Gellar, who will be starring in and executive producing Davis' upcoming show Wolf Pack for Paramount+. Based on the books by Edo Van Belkom, Wolf Pack follows a teenage boy and girl whose lives are forever changed when a California wildfire awakens a terrifying supernatural creature. Gellar plays arson investigator Kristin Ramsey, a highly regarded expert in her field and no stranger to personal loss, brought in by authorities to catch the teenage arsonist who started the wildfire. 

Teen Wolf: The Movie will arrive on Paramount+ later this year.