Karl Urban Hunts Monsters in 'The Sea Beast' Trailer (Watch)

Watch the full-length trailer for 'The Sea Beast,' coming to Netflix on July 8.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

'The Sea Beast'


Although Netflix's Geeked Week animation day isn't until June 8, the streamer released the trailer for its forthcoming (on July 8) film The Sea Beast a day prior as a part of its film celebration.

The film is set in an era when titular beasts roamed the seas and those who hunted them were considered heroes. The most beloved of those hunters is Jacob Holland (voiced by Karl Urban), who is known as "the weapon against nature's darkest designs," as young Maisie Brumble (voiced by Zaris-Angel Hator) puts it in the trailer, which you can watch below.

She's thrilled to meet him after having heard (and read) about him for so long, but he is not excited to have a kid around. So, she stows away on his ship, determined to get involved in the hunting business too, and once she's there, he will have to warm to her ... right?

It's a kid-friendly adventure film, so yes. But at first he doesn't believe the ship is a place for a kid, perhaps because he first joined the ship when he was still a child himself. Danger is around every corner, both with rough waters and giant creatures that he notes "want to eat us." She challenges his notions of these monsters by trying to befriend some of them.

"Monsters, I can handle. That one," he says about the girl, "will be the death of me."

But together they will form an unlikely friendship and learn a lot along the way.

The film also features the voices of Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens, and Kathy Burke. It comes from director Chris Williams, who also wrote the screenplay with Nell Benjamin, and is producing with Jed Schlanger. The Sea Beast will also be in select theaters in July.