'Walker Independence' Mid-season Premiere 'The Death Of Mary Collins's' Biggest Moments, Explained

Someone new arrives in town to stir up Abby's past and engage in a surprising romance.
by Allison Bowsher — 

Katherine McNamara and Stella Baker in 'Walker Independence'

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for the eighth episode of Walker Independence, titled "The Death of Mary Collins." Read at your own risk!

Since the series premiere of Walker Independence, the audience has assumed two things to be true: One, the show centers on the death of incoming Sheriff Liam Collins (Brandon Sklenar) at the hands of Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian), and two, this murder leaves Liam's wife, Abby (Katherine McNamara), widowed and ready to avenge his death. 

In the mid-season premiere episode titled "The Death of Mary Collins," we learn that Tom may not have pulled the trigger, though, and Abby is not only using a fake last name, but also a fake first name as well. Are the horses even real, or are we just looking at big dogs!?

Admittedly, Abby going by her middle name is not nearly the biggest shock of the episode, but that's because there were plenty of other moments that were more surprising than a knife to the gut while wandering through hanging laundry. 

Here, Metacritic breaks down the biggest moments from "The Death of Mary Collins," including more revelations that continue forcing the question…are we team Tom Davidson?

Abby's sister almost blows her cover

It was only a matter of time before someone came looking for Abby, and that time arrived this week. 

Once Abby's family received news of Liam's death, Abby's sister Charlotte, aka Charlie (Stella Baker), left Boston for Texas in search of her missing sister Mary Collins. Abby changed her name upon starting her new life in Texas, so when Charlie arrived in Independence and asked the Sheriff about her sister, it just appeared like she was looking in the wrong place for the missing woman named Mary.

Gus (Philemon Chambers), who has known Abby's real identity since she arrived in town and kept her secret without being asked to, was able to intercept Abby, and he arranged for them to meet privately in Abby and Kate's (Katie Findlay) room at the Inn. 

Abby was less than ecstatic to see her sister in town, as she cut off contact with Charlie (along with the rest of her family) because their money was made through devious means. Although Charlie uses her money to help others, Abby refused to forgive her sister until she renounced their father and those means, as Abby did. 

Charlie and Kate's romance

Not only did Charlie's arrival provide some insight into Abby's relationship with her family, but it also provided a shocking backstory to her relationship with Liam. Abby and Liam met because Liam was engaged to Charlie, but Charlie later admitted to Kate that she and Liam had an arrangement, not a real marriage. In it, he kept her secret that she was gay and she gave him access to her family's wealth, two things Abby remained unaware of. 

Charlie may not have received a warm welcome from her sister, but she did make a connection with Kate. Tasked with keeping Charlie away from Tom, the two women bonded over a few hands of cards and shared experiences of keeping their sexuality hidden. The women spent the night together and then said goodbye with a passionate kiss, possibly indicating that Charlie will return to Independence in the future.

Catching Tom's assailant

Tom made a speedy recovery and returned to work two weeks after the night he collapsed, finally providing Gus with a description of his attacker. Hoyt (Matt Barr) directed Gus to a man that matched Tom's ID, but Tom quickly released that man, confusing Hoyt and Gus. 

Tom's actions had a purpose, though: He recaptured the man and was torturing him in a barn, demanding to know who put a hit out on him. The man wasn't speaking, but considering no one from his family visited Tom while he was in the hospital, the Davidsons sound like awful people who probably have a lot of enemies. So Tom's attacker could be, well, just about anyone.

Tom's doppelgänger

For seven episodes, Abby was certain that the man who murdered Liam in front of her was Tom Davidson. But in this episode, Abby passed a man in the street whom she assumed was Tom, only to watch him raise his hat and reveal himself as a stranger. 

Could this goateed man with the same jawline as Tom Davidson be a relative, a hitman hired by the Davidson family, or simply a reminder that Abby never saw Tom's entire face the night of Liam's murder? 

Considering the only evidence of Tom's devious ways the group could find in his cabin was a journal full of flower drawings, it's starting to look like Abby's absolute certainty that Tom killed Liam may not be so absolute.

Kai's red envelope

It may be time to start a prayer circle for Kai (Lawrence Kao). 

Even though Tom tried to get rid of the man from Kai's past who arrived in Independence ready to reveal Kai's new address to the Tong, the crime ring still found him. 

After Hoyt found a red envelope filled with fake money in Kai's shop, Kai revealed to his friend that the Tong was after him for helping a woman he loved named Lily escape. The Tong still found Lily and killed her, and now they left an envelope for Kai to indicate they are coming for him as well. 

Hoyt sympathized with Kai and told him about a man he knew who had his arm cut off by the Tong. He also revealed that his father fought at the Alamo and died there, advising Kai not to stay and fight, but instead leave Independence. 

Kai did considering leaving but eventually decided he'd rather remain in the town he loves and defend himself. That, and he definitely has a huge crush on Kate. 

Calian's new fight

After wrongfully being found guilty of murdering his friend Francis (Nestor Serrano) and being about five seconds away from dying by the town noose, Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez) was ready to spend time with his people and relax. That only lasted for 10 minutes before Calian had a painful introduction to Topsannah (Triana Brown), a woman whose village was burned to the ground by railwaymen, though. Topsannah lost many of her tribesmen in the attack and wanted to help Calian and his tribe avoid the same fate. 

With Calian's village so close to town and near the path of the new railroad, it's likely the railwaymen will come for his tribe next. We know Calian will do whatever he can to defend his people. The question is whether his friends from Independence will help.

Walker Independence, which has a Metascore of 63, airs at 9 p.m. Thursdays on The CW.