Aimee Castle

Biography: Aimée is about 5'5", green eyes, and her natural hair colour is dark blonde. Her favourite colours are all the shades of green. Castle's favourite food are Sushi, Italian, and Pasta while her favourite drinks are Coke and chocolate milk.
Aimée's favourite movie is "Christmas Vacation", and she used to be a fan of "The Wonder Years", but now she is interested in shows like "Felicity", "Survivor" and "Oprah". She likes movies directed by Steven Spielberg, and her favourite books are Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes, Pat Conroy's Beach Music, and Into Thin Air by John Krakauer. She loves all kind of music and all kinds of sports.
Hobbies of Aimee Castle are reading, running and riding. She is currently starring in "Big Wolf on Campus" as Lori Baxter and in "Back To Sherwood" as Robyn Hood, and she started her career early, and has performed in several movies since then.