Alan Neuman

Biography: Alan Neuman got his start in show business on the stage. He worked with such stars as James Dean. He recalls crossing 6th Ave. while Dean played "Toreador" with the NYC cabs. He says that Dean was a real "danger junkie". He was working on Broadway when he moved into television as producer with the Kate Smith hour. The Korean War interrupted his career and Albert Mcleery replaced him. When he returned from Korea he resumed his position as producer for the Kate Smith Hour and McCleery went to the west coast to produce "Matinee Theater." Neuman because of his stage background was the only one familiar with the "arena" type staging (no sets just a black curtain backdrop) was sent by NBC to produce some of the early "Matinee Theater" shows. However Neuman says, "Matinee theater was McCleery's baby, he did the intial selling job to NBC.