Alexandra Paul

Biography: Leggy, athletic leading lady Alexandra Paul spent her first years in films and TV in roles calling for acute physical fitness. Paul's earliest movie role of note was sensuous hitchhiker Becky in American Flyers (1986).Ms. Paul was cast against type in the Dan Aykroyd-Tom Hanks spoof Dragnet (1987) as the ever-imperiled Virgin Connie Swail (just plain "Connie Swail" by fade-out time). On TV, Paul had a recurring role as erstwhile detective Amy Hastings in the Perry Mason 2-hour specials of the late 1980s. In 1992, Alexandra Paul was cast as lifeguard Stephanie Holden on the internationally popular Baywatch, remaining with the series until bowing out in 1996. She remained a mainstay on women's programs and made-for-TV thrillers, all the while leading a vigorous off-screen life as a vocal activist for the environment, animal welfare and gay rights.

Alexandra Paul's Scores

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Average career score: 46
Highest Metascore: 62 Dragnet
Lowest Metascore: 29 8 Million Ways to Die
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 5
  2. Negative: 2 out of 5
5 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
33 In My Sleep Apr 23, 2010 Roxana 5.5
62 Dragnet Jun 26, 1987 Connie Swail 7.0
29 8 Million Ways to Die Apr 25, 1986 Sunny tbd
50 American Flyers Aug 16, 1985 Becky tbd
57 Christine Dec 9, 1983 Leigh Cabot 8.4