Anthony Bonsante

Biography: Nickname : The Bullet, #1 Daddy
Height : 5'9"
Occupation : K-Mart Production Supervisor Family : Rudy (dad) Cinde (mom) Corinna (sister) Frank (brother) Brittany and Derek (kids)
Favorite food : Pasta and meatballs
Favorite singer : Aaron Tippin

Anthony started boxing at the age of 10. His ex wife, Tawnya and him were Homecoming King and Queen back in 1988. He is dedicated to everything he does and loves his kids. When not training or working, Anthony enjoys spending time with his kids and his family in Crosby, MN, hunting and fishing. Anthony works the overnight shift as a K-Mart Production Supervisor and has found it difficult to juggle his family responsibilities, his job and his boxing career. He's proud to be an honest working man and a good father, and those values mean more to him than money or success. Anthony dedicates this experience to his two kids (who are also young boxers in training).

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tbd The Contender: Season 1 Mar 7, 2005 Himself - West - Won First Fight - 5th Place tbd