Billy Booth

Biography: Billy Booth was a child actor best remembered for his appearances in the series Dennis The Menace as Tommy Anderson, the best friend of series protagonist Dennis Mitchell (Jay North). Born William Allen Booth in Los Angeles in 1949, he made his screen debut in 1957 in the English prologue for the Soviet-produced feature The Snow Queen, and also appeared in episodes of The Twilight Zone ("A Stop At Willoughby") and Lawman, and in the movie Hell Bent For Leather (1960). But it was the more than 100 episodes of Dennis The Menace in which he appeared by which most television viewers came to know him, playing Dennis's slightly more down-to-earth friend. After that show's cancellation he made the rounds of other series, including The Farmer's Daughter and My Three Sons, but by the end of the 1960s he had retired from acting. He was a lawyer in adult life, and passed away on the last day of 2006, at age 57.

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tbd The Andy Griffith Show: Season 5 Sep 21, 1964 Roger tbd
tbd Dennis the Menace: Season 4 Sep 30, 1962 Tommy tbd
tbd Dennis the Menace: Season 3 Oct 1, 1961 Tommy tbd
tbd Dennis the Menace: Season 2 Oct 2, 1960 Tommy tbd
tbd Dennis the Menace: Season 1 Oct 4, 1959 Tommy tbd