Bing Crosby

Biography: Bing Crosby, an American singer and actor, will be remembered as one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century. Crosby and his casual style of singing, called crooning, became popular in the 1930s when he hosted his own radio show on the CBS radio network. His records sold millions of copies, and he co-wrote some songs, including his radio theme song, "Where the Blue of the Night." Bing's version of "White Christmas," recorded during World War II, became one of the most popular songs of the century. Crosby appeared in many films, including musicals and non-musicals, comedies and dramas. He won an Academy Award in 1944 for Going My Way. Crosby was a shrewd businessman, amassing one of the largest fortunes in Hollywood through his earnings and wise investments. An avid golfer, Bing died of a heart attack while on a golf course in 1977.

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70 I.O.U.S.A. Aug 22, 2008 Himself 6.5