Brian Kelly (I)

Biography: Brian Kelly was born in Detroit, Michigan to Harry F. Kelly who was elected governor of Michigan (1944-1947) and served as a justice on the Michigan Supreme Court.
After a brief stint with the Marine Corps during the Korean War and a year at University of Michigan Law School where he supported himself by finding work as a model, Brian decided on a future in Hollywood.
Brian's career started slowly with small parts in various TV series until he found fame as Ranger Porter Ricks in the popular adventure series, "Flipper". Following "Flipper", Brian enjoyed a brief movie career until he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 1970 which left his right arm and leg paralyzed and his speech impaired. Brian continued to work in the industry as a producer on such films as "Blade Runner" and "Cities of the Wild".

Brian died of pneumonia in Voorhees, New Jersey, just prior to his 74th birthday in 2005.

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tbd Flipper (1964): Season 3 Sep 17, 1966 Porter Ricks / Director tbd
tbd Flipper (1964): Season 2 Sep 18, 1965 Porter Ricks/Tony tbd
tbd Flipper (1964): Season 1 Sep 19, 1964 Porter Ricks tbd