Brooke Thompson

Biography: Brooke Thompson first became famous when she starred on the Vh1 reality show "Flavor of Love". On this show, she becomes popular when her and New York started to got at it. When she was about to get kicked off, she spat in New York's face resulting in being expelled immediately. Brooke has also starred in MTV's Next, Blind Date, Street Smarts, Friend or Foe, and The John Walsh Show Brooke was on an episode of the game show Family Feud with her cousins Matt and Cindy, her aunt Jereme, and her mother Terri. Their family name was Gardiner. She continues to substitute teach in different districts after being fired for being on the show.

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tbd I Love Money: Season 1 Jul 6, 2008 Pumkin (Season 1) tbd
tbd Charm School: Season 1 Apr 15, 2007 Herself/Pumkin tbd
tbd Flavor of Love: Season 1 Jan 1, 2006 Pumkin tbd