Danielle Carin

Biography: Danielle has been acting since the young age of five. Her first commercial was for Hardee's fast food chain. She knew then all she wanted to do was perform. Through the years Danielle has studied with Gene Frankel and Stella Adler. She has also worked alongside the industry's most noted performers. Danielle started doing theatre at the age of 10 and moved on to movies and television shows. Her experience and her skills collectively help her explore and create new characters. This is what she has always loved to do and hopes to someday have an outstanding well rounded career in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

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tbd Daria: Season 5 Feb 19, 2001 Ms. Claire Defoe / Ms. Claire Defoe 10
tbd Daria: Season 4 Feb 25, 2000 Ms. Claire Defoe 10
tbd Daria: Season 2 Feb 16, 1998 Ms. Claire Defoe 8.8
tbd Daria: Season 1 Mar 3, 1997 Ms. Claire Defoe 9.2