Davy Jones

Biography: David Thomas Jones left his home to be a jockey. When he was an apprentice he decided to go into acting and eventually changed his name to just Davy Jones. He landed bit parts in the productions of "Peter Pan", "Coronation Street", "Pickwick Papers" and "Oliver". Later on he was cast in a TV show were he played a member of "The Monkees", a rock 'n' roll band, alongside Micky Dolenz, Micheal Nesmith and Peter Tork. This would be Davy's most memorable role. The Monkees would become one of the biggest bands of the 1960s. The Monkees recorded 9 albums and, in 1968, the movie "Head". After a while The Monkees went their own ways and Davy returned to acting.

Davy joined a reformed Monkees in the 1980s.

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tbd The Monkees: Season 2 Sep 11, 1967 Davy / Davy/Little Red Riding Hoot tbd
tbd The Monkees: Season 1 Sep 12, 1966 Davy tbd