Derek Thompson

Biography: Thompson is the last remaining original cast member of casualty since the shows inception on the 6th of September 1986. Thompson plays Charlie Fairhead, the nurse manager for the unit. In his early acting career he played the main character in a show called "Harry's Game" which was about the IRA in Northern Ireland in the 70's and 80's. He left the show in 2004 for a six month sabbatical to Canada before returning. He has had many relations on the show including Duffu and Baz his ex-wife. He had a long standing friendship with Josh (Ian Blesdale). He is married to actress Dee Sadler and has a son called Charlie who played Duffy's child. He lives in Bristol.

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tbd Phineas and Ferb: Season 3 Mar 4, 2011 Writer 8.3
tbd Phineas and Ferb: Season 1 Aug 17, 2007 Writer 7.5
tbd Brookside: Season 4 Feb 7, 1984 Will Thurley tbd