Donna LaCroix

Biography: Donna started out as the case manager for the original hit series Ghost Hunters. She was known for the one to be setting up the cases for TAPS to investigate. However, once Ghost Hunters International came on, she moved over to that show continuing as a case manager.

She has been involved with paranormal groups for about five years; however, she has been doing research in the paranormal for a number of years through local investigations. When she is not working in paranormal research, she is supporter in environmental protection.

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tbd Ghost Hunters International: Season 1 Jan 9, 2008 Case Manager tbd
tbd Ghost Hunters: Season 3 Oct 11, 2006 Case Manager / Interviewer tbd
tbd Ghost Hunters: Season 2 Jul 27, 2005 Case Manager / Interviewer tbd
tbd Ghost Hunters: Season 1 Oct 6, 2004 Interviewer 5.8