Eiji Maruyama

Biography: Eiji Maruyama, born October 23, 1930 in Tokyo is a veteran seiyū who works for Arts Vision. Notable voice roles as Ishbal Camp Elder in Fullmetal Alchemist,Death Phantom in Sailor Moon, Garnest Hogue in Scrapped Princess, Zhoushan Xuan in Shenmue 2 or Mitamura in Yu Yu Hakusho

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Dance in the Vampire Bund : Season 1 Jan 7, 2010 Isurugi tbd
tbd Dragonaut - The Resonance: Season 1 Oct 3, 2007 Amadeus tbd
tbd Desert Punk: Season 1 Oct 4, 2004 Taiko Okawa tbd