Felix Jackson

Biography: Felix Jackson began his career as a screenwriter and playwright in Germany in 1930, where several of his plays were adapted for the screen. His plays made their way overseas for production and in 1936 he came to the United States to continue his screenwriting after fleeing the Nazi regime in Germany. He wrote several screenplays for Universal Pictures and MGM, including "Destry Rides Again" (1939), "Appointment for Love" (1941) and "Back Street" (1941). He also wrote many of the films that starred Deanna Durbin, whom he also married. In 1948 he began producing for television on such shows as "Studio One", "The Best of Broadway", "The Third Man", "Schlitz Playhouse" and "The Restless Gun". He authored two books "So Help Me God" (1955) and "Maestro" (1957). Felix Jackson finally served as NBC's West Coast vice president and retired from the business in 1965.