Geoffrey Dolan

Biography: Geoffrey grew up playing sports and performing in local theatre and musicals. He was hard pressed to choose between his two loves, rugby and singing. But in the end he chose the theatre, and has never looked back, even though he has occasionally had to take other jobs to support himself in between roles. He has had roles in both stage plays and television, but he prefers the stage. He has had numerous small roles in the Pacific Renaissance shows Hercules, Xena and Jack of All Trades, and many of them have allowed him to utilize his talents in singing and dancing. He has also had many roles in New Zealand television, including Mercy Peak and Lawless.
He is married and has two children.

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tbd Power Rangers: Season 21 Feb 15, 2014 Gosei (Voice) tbd
tbd Power Rangers: Season 20 Feb 2, 2013 Gosei (Voice) tbd
tbd Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior Jun 16, 2006 Security Guard 9.4
tbd Power Rangers: Season 14 Feb 20, 2006 Koragg (Voice) tbd
tbd Power Rangers: Season 1 Aug 28, 1993 Gosei (Voice) 7.9