George Burns

Biography: Born in 1896, George Burns began working at the ripe old age of 7 after his father died from the flu epidemic in 1903. George quit school in the fourth grade to help support the family, he was ninth of twelve children. Performing on stage, his vaudeville act was a combination of juggling, jokes and joy. He met Gracie Allen who was also performing in a vaudeville act and the two soon partnered up together. They were a hit and were hired to appear in several short films eventually hitting the big time in 1934. They continued their act on the radio and by the 50's they had their own television show The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show, which ran on CBS for 8 years. When Gracie died in 1964, George ventured into serious acting, and performing on the road again. In 1974 Neil Simon's play The Sunshine Boys would be George's big comeback. George would win the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor. With renewed vigor, George had a few more great movies with the Oh, God! series.

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